Tanita Tikaram / The WEA – EastWest Albums 1988 -1995

5CD clamshell box with bonus tracks

Tanita / WEA & East West Albums 1988 - 1995

First five albums • 5CDs • Bonus tracks • Tanita track-by-track notes

The WEA / EastWest Albums 1988 – 1995 is a new 5CD box set that brings together the first five albums of British singer-songwriter Tanita Tikaram.

The albums in question are Ancient Heart (1988), The Sweet Keeper (1990), Everybody’s Angel (1991), Eleven Kinds of Loneliness (1992), Lovers in the City (1995). All have been remastered and all offer bonus tracks, with the label stating that it contains “all of her studio recordings” from this period, which appears to be accurate although there’s plenty of live tracks from singles that aren’t included.

In total, there’s 81 tracks in this set and with the bonus material largely B-sides, edits, instrumentals and the like. The ‘Early Guitar And Voice’ versions of ‘Hot Port Sandwiches’ and ‘I Love The Heaven’s Solo’ were originally on ‘Little Sister Leaving Town’, the second single from The Sweet Keeper, but because Tanita re-recorded them for her third album, Everybody’s Angel, they are appended to that album in this set. In fact, having been a B-side in 1990, ‘I Love The Heaven’s Solo’ became a single in 1991 in a third variant (“new version”) of the song!

‘Twist in My Sobriety’ from Ancient Heart

There has never been an expanded, deluxe version of Tanita’s debut Ancient Heart, which is strange given the album was a big hit around the world and to date has sold around 4m copies. There was a modest reissue back in 2019, but that was mostly about a clear vinyl pressing (the CD offered two bonus tracks, including rather nonsensically, ‘I Love The Heaven’s Solo’).

Tanita Tikaram has provided exclusive album introductions and track-by-track annotations in the 24-page booklet that comes with this box set.

The WEA / EastWest Albums 1988 – 1995 will be released on 28 June 2024 via Cherry Red.


Tanita / WEA & East West Albums 1988 - 1995

The WEA / East West Albums 1988 – 1995 Tanita Tikaram /

    • CD 1: Ancient Heart
      1. Good Tradition
      2. Cathedral Song
      3. Sighing Innocents
      4. I Love You
      5. World Outside Your Window
      6. For All These Years
      7. Twist In My Sobriety
      8. Poor Cow
      9. He Likes The Sun
      10. Valentine Heart
      11. Preyed Upon
      Bonus tracks
      1. Friends
      2. The Kill In Your Heart
      3. Cathedral Song (Instrumental)
      4. World Outside Your Window (Edit)
      5. For All These Years (Instrumental)
      6. Twist In My Sobriety (Edit)
      7. Valentine Heart (Demo)
    • CD 2: The Sweet Keeper
      1. Once & Not Speak
      2. Thursday’s Child
      3. It All Came Back Today
      4. We Almost Got It Together
      5. Consider The Rain
      6. Sunset’s Arrived
      7. Little Sister Leaving Town
      8. I Owe All To You
      9. Love Story
      10. Harm In Your Hands
      Bonus tracks
      1. Over You All
      2. Rose On Wood
      3. Thursday’s Child (New Version)
      4. Sunset’s Arrived (French Single Edit)
    • CD 3: Everybody’s Angel
      1. Only The Ones We Love
      2. Deliver Me
      3. This Story In Me
      4. To Wish This
      5. Mud In Any Water
      6. Sunface
      7. Never Known
      8. This Stranger
      9. Swear By Me
      10. Hot Pork Sandwiches
      11. Me In Mind
      12. Sometime With Me
      13. I Love The Heaven’s Solo
      14. I’m Going Home
      Bonus tracks
      1. Only In Name
      2. I Love The Heaven’s Solo (New Version)
      3. This Stranger (Alternative Version)
      4. Hot Pork Sandwiches (Early Guitar And Voice Version)
      5. I Love The Heaven’s Solo (Early Guitar And Voice Version)
    • CD 4: Eleven Kinds Of Loneliness
      1. You Make The Whole World Cry
      2. Elephant
      3. Trouble
      4. I Grant You
      5. Heal You
      6. To Drink The Rainbow
      7. Out On The Town
      8. Hot Stones
      9. Men & Women
      10. Any Reason
      11. Love Don’t Need No Tyranny
      12. The Way That I Want
      Bonus tracks
      1. Rock Me ‘Til I Stop
      2. Me You & Lucifer
      3. Have You Lost Your Way
    • CD 5: Lovers In The City
      1. I Might Be Crying
      2. Bloodlines
      3. Feeding The Witches
      4. Happy Taxi
      5. My Love Tonight
      6. Lovers In The City
      7. Yodelling Song
      8. Wonderful Shadow
      9. Women Who Cheat On The World
      10. Leaving The Party
      Bonus tracks
      1. Five Feet Away
      2. Not Waving But Drowning
      3. Wonderful Shadow (Edit)
      4. Wonderful Shadow (Reconstruction Version)
      5. And I Think Of You – E Penso A Te

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