The Human League offer to replace incorrect Anthology booklets

The Human League / A Very British Synthesizer Group box set
The anthology was issued last week

The Human League have apologised to fans for a printing error on the 3CD+DVD edition of their new anthology and have promised that replacements will be issued.

The band posted a note on their facebook page to say that they were “extremely sorry” that there has been a printing error on the outside back sheet and booklet of the initial batch of the four-disc set of A Very British Synthesizer Group which has an incorrect running order for the DVD – it should say that it contains 24 BBC performances, not 25 as listed.

The group go on to say that the record company (Universal) will send fans replacement booklets and back sheets at their expense, regardless of where they live.

Any SDE readers who aren’t aware of this offer and want to take it up, need to send their name and address to [email protected] with THE HUMAN LEAGUE in the email header.

This fault only affects the 3CD+DVD and was apparently caused by the printer using the wrong file, rather than it not being proof-read properly.

A Very British Synthesizer Group is out now.


CD 1
Being Boiled (A-Side single)
The Dignity of Labour (Part 3)
Empire State Human (A-Side single)
Only After Dark (single edit)
Nightclubbing (from “Holiday ’80 EP”)
Boys and Girls (A-Side single)
The Sound of The Crowd (instrumental version)
Hard Times (B-Side single)
Love Action (I Believe In Love) (A-Side single)
Open Your Heart (A-Side single)
Don’t You Want Me (A-Side single)
Mirror Man (A-Side single)
You Remind Me Of Gold
(Keep Feeling) Fascination (extended version)
The Lebanon (single version)
Louise (DJ Edit)

CD 2
Life On Your Own (A-Side single)
Human (extended version)
I Need Your Loving (DJ Edit)
Love Is All That Matters (DJ Edit)
Heart Like a Wheel (William Orbit remix)
Soundtrack to a Generation (edit)
Tell Me When (radio edit)
One Man In My Heart (A-Side single)
Filling Up With Heaven (A-Side single)
Stay With Me Tonight (single version)
All I Ever Wanted (radio edit)
Night People (radio edit)
Never Let Me Go
Sky (radio edit)

CD 3 (Super Deluxe Edition)
The Path Of Least Resistance (early version)
No Time (The Word Before Last, early version)
Being Boiled (State Of The Art Mix 1)
Stylopops You Broke My Heart (Marianne, early version)
I Am The Law (early version)
Darkness (early version)
Louise (early version)
The Real Thing (early version)
Love On The Run (early version)
A Doorway (early version)
F.M. (Soundtrack to a Generation, early version)
Happening Woman (Filling Up With Heaven, early version)
Give It Back (Houseful of Nothing, early version)
New Start (All I Ever Wanted, early version)
SH5 (Liar, early version)
Biller 10 (Single Minded, early version)
Jupiter 4c (Sky, early version)

The Circus of Death 1978
Empire State Human 1979
Love Action
Open Your Heart
Don’t You Want Me
Mirror Man
Keep Feeling (Fascination)
The Lebanon
Life On Your Own
I Need Your Loving
Love Is All That Matters
Heart Like A Wheel
Soundtrack To A Generation
Tell Me When
One Man In My Heart
All I Ever Wanted
Filling Up With Heaven
Night People
Never Let Me Go

The Path of Least Resistance (Mainstream 6/11/79)
Empire State Human (Mainstream 6/11/79)
Rock ‘n’ Roll – Part 2 (TOTP 8/5/80)
The Sound of The Crowd (TOTP 30/4/81)
The Sound of The Crowd (TOTP 21/5/81)
Love Action (TOTP 6/8/81)
Open Your Heart (TOTP 8/10/81)
Don’t You Want Me (TOTP 24/12/81)
Love Action (Christmas TOTP 25/12/81)
Love Action (Multi Coloured Swap Shop 30/5/82)
Mirror Man (TOTP 18/11/82)
Keep Feeling (Fascination) (TOTP 5/5/83)
The Lebanon (TOTP 3/5/84)
Life On Your Own (TOTP 28/6/84)
I’m Coming Back (On The Road 25/8/84)
Rock Me Again and Again… (On The Road 25/8/84)
Human (Wogan 13/8/86)
Human (TOTP 28/8/86)
Heart Like A Wheel (Wogan 13/8/90)
Heart Like A Wheel (TOTP 23/8/90)
Tell Me When (TOTP 22/12/94)
Tell Me When (TOTP 5/1/95)
One Man In My Heart (TOTP 16/3/95)
The Stars Are Going Out (Later with Jools Holland 25/11/95)
The Sound Of The Crowd (Later with Jools Holland 25/11/95).

3LP Vinyl Edition

A1: Being Boiled (Fast Product Version)
A2: The Dignity of Labour – Part 3
A3: Empire State Human
A4: Only After Dark
A5: Nightclubbing
A6: Boys and Girls

B1: The Sound Of The Crowd (Instrumental)
B2: Hard Times
B3: Love Action (I Believe In Love)
B4: Open Your Heart
B5: Don’t You Want Me

C1: Mirror Man
C2: You Remind Me Of Gold
C3: (Keep Feeling) Fascination (Extended Version)
C4: The Lebanon
C5: Louise (Radio Edit)*

D1: Life On Your Own (Radio Edit)*
D2: Human (Extended Version)
D3: I Need Your Loving (Radio Edit)*
D4: Love Is All That Matters (Radio Edit)*
D5: Heart Like A Wheel (William Orbit Remix)

E1: Soundtrack To A Generation (Radio Edit)*
E2: Tell Me When (Radio Edit)*
E3: One Man In My Heart
E4: Filling Up With Heaven

F1: Stay With Me Tonight
F2: All I Ever Wanted – Radio Edit*
F3: Night People – Radio Edit
F4: Never Let Me Go
F5: Sky – Radio Edit

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