The Sisters of Mercy / First and Last and Always / vinyl box set


Rhino will next month reissue a 4LP vinyl box set of The Sisters of Mercy‘s 1985 debut First and Last and Always.

The box will feature the original album together with three 12-inch EPs from that era: Body And Soul, No Time To Cry and Walk Away. All four records will be pressed on 180g vinyl, and are bundled together in an outer slipcase. While there appears to be no CD equivalent, the set is being made available for download as a collection or individually.

The First and Last and Always vinyl box is released on 24 July 2015.

Track listing

First Last And Always

Side One
1.    “Black Planet” 
2.    “Walk Away”
3.    “No Time To Cry”
4.    “A Rock And A Hard Place”
5.    “Marian”

Side Two
6.    “First And Last And Always”
7.    “Possession”
8.    “Nine While Nine”
9.    “Logic”
10.    “Some Kind Of Stranger”

Body And Soul

Side One
1.    “Body And Soul”
2.    “Body Electric” (1984 version)

Side Two
3.    “Train”
4.    “Afterhours”

Walk Away

Side One 
1.    “Walk Away”

Side Two
2.    “Poison Door”
3.    “On The Wire”

No Time To Cry

Side One
1.    “No Time To Cry”

Side Two
2.    “Blood Money”
3.    “Bury Me Deep”

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