Yardbirds aka Roger the Engineer / super deluxe with signed print

3CD+2LP super deluxe signed limited edition

The Yardbirds‘ 1966 self-titled album (also know as Roger the Engineer) will be reissued as a six-disc super deluxe edition featuring newly remastered mono and stereo versions of the album and various audio rarities, with signed editions available in the UK.

The album was recorded by the classic line up of Jeff Beck, Keith Relf, Jim McCarty, Chris Dreja and Paul Samwell-smith, and saw the band explore new sonic territories, pushing their blues-rock sound into the realms of the avant-garde, psychedelia and Indian music.

The audio for the new box set has been remastered from the original tapes by Phil Kinrade at Alchemy Mastering, overseen by the co-producer of the original album Paul Samwell-Smith. He describes the experience:

“Mastering this album has been a joy. To hear the tracks sounding just as we heard them all those years ago while we were recording them – energetic, edgy, and in your face – is an unexpected treat. In 1966, It was a rare and exciting opportunity to be given a recording studio for five days and allowed to experiment. That excitement still shows”.

Yardbirds 3CD+2LP+7″ super deluxe with signed print (click image to enlarge)

This box set contains two vinyl records, three CDs and a seven-inch single. The content is as follows:

  • LP 1:Yardbirds in mono – remastered from the original British 1/4″ Mono master tapes, newly transferred for this release at Abbey road Studios. Housed in a replica of the original British album sleeve.
  • LP 2: Yardbirds in stereo – considered by producer Paul samwell-smith to be the definitive version of the album, the stereo mix has been remastered from the newly transferred quarter-inch master tapes. Housed in a replica of the ultra-rare German sleeve.
  • CD 1: Yardbirds in mono
  • CD 2 Yardbirds in stereo
  • CD 3: Bonus tracks including newly remastered non-album singles, rare alternate versions, and a previously unreleased early mix of ‘turn into Earth’ Which reveals a searing guitar solo by Jeff Beck.
  • Seven-inch single: Happening Ten Years Time Ago – The classic psychedelic single (featuring future led Zeppelin members Jimmy page and John Paul Jones) has been newly remastered for this release.

Additionally this comes with an A2 fold-out poster, a 24-page large format booklet with an introduction by Jeff Beck and an extensive essay and track-by-track liner notes by David French based on new interviews with Jimmy Page, Paul Samwell-Smith, Jim McCarthy and Simon Napier-Bell.

The Amazon UK exclusive edition includes an art print of the album cover, hand-signed by Jim McCarty and Paul Samwell-Smith and is limited to 500 copies.

An indies only coloured vinyl edition (not signed) will also be available.The Yardbirds super deluxe edition will be released on 18 June 2021.

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The Yardbirds

Yardbirds super deluxe - exclusive signed edition limited to 500 units

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JPC de   96.99

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The Yardbirds

Yardbirds super deluxe - standard edition

track listing

LP 1  Yardbirds [Mono Version]

Side One : 1. Lost Women / 2. Over, Under, Sideways, Down / 3. The Nazz Are Blue / 4. I Can’t Make Your Way / 5. Rack My Mind / 6. Farewell Side Two : 1. Hot House Of Omagararshid / 2. Jeff’s Boogie / 3. He’s Always There / 4. Turn Into Earth / 5. What Do You Want / 6. Ever Since The World Began

LP 2 – Yardbirds [Stereo Version]

Side One: 1. Lost Women / 2. Over, Under, Sideways, Down / 3. The Nazz Are Blue / 4. I Can’t Make Your Way / 5. Rack My Mind / 6. Farewell / Side Two: 1. Hot House Of Omagararshid / 2. Jeff’s Boogie / 3. He’s Always There / 4. Turn Into Earth / 5. What Do You Want / 6. Ever Since The World Began

Seven-inch single  Happenings Ten Years Time Ago : Side A : 1. Happenings Ten Years Time Ago Side B : Psycho Daisies

CD 1  Yardbirds [Mono Version]

1. Lost Women / 2. Over, Under, Sideways, Down / 3. The Nazz Are Blue / 4. I Can’t Make Your Way / 5. Rack My Mind / 6. Farewell / 7. Hot House Of Omagararshid / 8. Jeff’s Boogie / 9. He’s Always There / 10. Turn Into Earth / 11. What Do You Want / 12. Ever Since The World Began

CD 2  Yardbirds [Stereo Version]

1. Lost Women / 2. Over, Under, Sideways, Down / 3. The Nazz Are Blue / 4. I Can’t Make Your Way / 5. Rack My Mind / 6. Farewell / 7. Hot House Of Omagararshid / 8. Jeff’s Boogie / 9. He’s Always There / 10. Turn Into Earth / 11. What Do You Want / 12. Ever Since The World Began

CD 3 – 1966 Studio Recordings

1. Mr. Zero – Keith Relf / 2. Knowing – Keith Relf / 3. Hot House Of Omagararshid / (Alternate Mono Mix) / 4. He’s Always There (Alternate Stereo Mix) / 5. Turn Into Earth (Early Mix) / 6. Turn Into Earth (Vocal Track) / 7. Turn Into Earth (Alternate Stereo Mix) / 8. Ever Since The World Began (Vocal Track) / 9. I Can’t Make Your Way (Alternate Stereo Mix) / 10. Great Shakes Commercial (Version 1) / 11. Great Shakes Commercial (Version 2) / 12. Shapes In My Mind (Version 1) – Keith Relf / 13. Shapes In My Mind (Version 2) – Keith Relf / 14. Happenings Ten Years Time Ago / 15. Psycho Daisies / 16. Stroll On

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Tim Joseph
SDE Resident

I was excited when I saw this was to be a 6-disc set. But then I saw 4 discs are basically the same thing with a 7″ I could live without. Which leaves just 1 disc of new material. Talk about stretching a little a long way!! Will stay with my original mono/stereo CD. What a shame.

SDE Resident

The JPC link for the Roger The Engineer SDE directs me to Neil Young’s Greendale SDE. I found it by browsing the JPE website but cannot figure if it is a signed version.

SDE Reader

The opening sentence in the news item ends with linked line ‘….signed editions available in the UK.’ – so I guess you won’t get it through JPC.

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph
SDE Legend

Well Amazon have gone and done it again!!!

I ordered the Yardbirds box with the err, signed whatever limited to 500 and they`ve gone and cancelled my order despite the fact that I ordered as soon as it was listed.

They also did the same with the signed Faulty Towers 4LP set. What a load of shyte Amazon is turning out to be.

Oh, I almost forgot did I mention the non-arrival of my order for the limited editon of the Nancy Sinatra 2CD set.

Bloody amatuers!!!

Love the site Paul!!!

Last edited 13 days ago by The Golden Age Of The Phonograph
Pete IOW
SDE Resident

Just checked and my order is still there. I was tempted by the coloured version, but so far am still in for the signed one.

Like the Love cover.

SDE Resident

In for a signed copy, whether I receive one is another matter. Had a few problems with pre ordering limited editions from Amazon. They seem to have trouble allocating stock

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph
SDE Legend

I`ve ordered from Townsend Music, couple of quid extra for the coloured LP set.

SDE Resident

Late to this post, either the signed is sold out or not shipping to the U.S. If anyone sees otherwise any options for the signed version post it thanks.

SDE Fanatic

I’ve got the 1983 reissues of these two very fine albums (again from Edsel), so I don’t this set thank goodness. No room for it or indeed anything else! Edsel also reissued Over, Under, Sideways, Down b/w Pyscho Daisies in a rather nice picture sleeve as well at the same time. Incidentally do try and check out US trash/garage band Chrome Cranks version of Lost Woman.
Still getting my head round the new site but it’s looking good. Well done Paul.

SDE Resident

Glad I ordered this a week or so ago – looks good

SDE Legend

The indie colours appear to be red, white and blue according to Demon Records.

SDE Reader

This record has recently been released (both mono and stereo) in beautiful Abbey Road half speed mastered versions by Repertoire, in 2016, and – based on my experience with their reissues – no way Alchemy is going to top that sonically.

Now with this release, taking media duplication (you could say triplication) to a whole new level, we’re supposed to buy , again, a 6-disc version of the same single LP, just to get 1 disc of “rarities”. This market is simply out of control.

SDE Resident

Just commenting because I’m the only one with an avatar so far.

SDE Resident

#MeToo but not that #MeToo

Gary Howman

Thanks Paul. At last a nice package for an overlooked 60s gem.


nice package but do we need the vinyl ? the u.s. over under sideways down lp has a shorter alternate version of hot house.,is that what they are referring to here?. a fantastic lp from start to finish.

Andrew Greenwood

would like this but am happy to wait two or three years for the CD pack on its own.
I am currently working up the enthusiasm to start looking into Steve Marriott and Small Faces stuff which I discovered I’m really short of after getting the lovely (if annoyingly now reduced) Ronnie Lane box


The joys of collecting are certainly dampened by the “free trade agreement”. The last 2 signed releases on SDE are available only in the UK. Previously I probably would have gone for one or the other. Now I need to send such UK only releases to a friend and then they need to post it to me and I pay double VAT (UK and German) and a handling cost and increased postage. Only worth it for something really special. There are certainly many similar annoying anomalies the other way. Shame, but that is the cost of progress.

Jarmo Keranen

Signed by only two members? Keith Relf died a long time ago, but where´s Jeff Beck and Paul Samwell-Smith signatures?

Jarmo Keranen
SDE Fanatic

Sorry. I was half a sleep when i read the text!


“Temporarily out of stock” is the new Amazon UK code for we won’t ship to your country. It was the same status for the Belinda Carlisle colour LPs (until they made them available to the US) and it’s the same status for the Amazon exclusive colour Royal Blood, The Bluetones upcoming 25th anniversary releases and several others including this exclusive signed edition.


There is a Royal Blood colored vinyl exclusive to Assai records in the UK if you’re interested. However, due to demand they’re unnumbered (unlimited?). Cost 21 pound plus 16 pound shipping to the US.

[Pre-Order] Royal Blood – Typhoons (Assai Obi Strip Edition v2)Due Out 30/04/21


SDE Resident

Thanks Jabber! I’ll certainly check it out

SDE Resident

Thanks again, unfortunately, they don’t ship to the States either.

Mark R

Got it!


Yours is what can be called a super site, Paul. Cheers


Thanks the heads up, got the signed version ordered. I hope they put a bit of effort into their signatures, a lot of other bands recent signed releases have been very sloppy, in some cases the first letter of their name then a squiggle.


Amazon have now posted a clear image of the signatures, they look good!

Nathan Thomas

Haha yeah I got Stings recently & he must have been having a good day as it was totally legible & not just a squiggle. On this set at least it’s only 500 copies so not too bad to sign.

kenneth tilley

thanks Paul, ordered it and i will get it just after my 61st birthday


I panicked when I saw this post was nearly 4 hrs old.
The signed edition is still available! Ordered

This is going to be top draw.

Rob (Toronto)

Over the decades I’ve struggled to remember whether my very first record (definitely a 7″ single) was The Yardbirds ‘Shapes of Things’ (b/w ‘Jeff’s Boogie’ if memory serves correct) or The Standell’s ‘Dirty Water’. Do I really need another copy of this though? At age 11 in ’66, The Yardbirds were my introduction to the blues. A foreign translation sure, but my trips to record stores led me to the Mississippi delta soon enough, and that’s enough to make me forever grateful to the band. After the Yardbirds the next stop for me was Cream (a natural enough progression). After that Led Zeppelin and The Jeff Beck Group took it all further for me. One little group gave us three of the UKs most creative and influential guitarists. BTW, here’s a little tidbit for you all: Listen to the flip-side of the Yardbird’s 7″ ‘Over Under Sideways Down’, namely ‘I’m Not Talking’. Slow it down just a tad in your mind and tell me that’s not where Zeppelin found the riff for ‘Moby Dick’.

Jarmo Keranen

Listen to the Jeff’s Boogie at normal speed. That’s Chuck Berry’s Guitar Boogie!

Phil Cohen
SDE Hall of Fame

Yes, that’s correct. At least 5 of the 12 songs on “Roger the Engineer” are not entirely Yardbirds original compositions. “Lost Woman” is a new lyric over a song called “Someone To Love”(the song, in its original form can be heard on Charly Records Yardbirds releases). “Rack My Mind” is a new lyric over Slim Harpo’s “Scratch My Back”. “The Nazz Are Blue” is a new lyric over Robert Johnson’s “Dust My Broom”(But based on Elmore James’ version), and “What Do You Want” evolved out the Yardbirds’ live arrangement of Bo Diddley’s “Who Do You Love”. In 1966, The Yardbirds were Naive enough to think that they could get away with this…..and they did. Every song on “Roger The Engineer” is credited to “Relf/McCarty/Dreja/Samwell-Smith/Beck”, but that contradicts the songwriting credit on Al Stewart’s version of “Turn Into Earth” (on his Decca debut single), where the song is credited to “Paul Samwell-Smith/ Rosemary Simon”. Simon was apparently Samwell-Smith’s girlfriend.
This forthcoming boxed set would seem to be definitive, barring the possible future discovery of the 4-track tapes. But even those tapes wouldn’t enable the creation of true stereo versions of “Over Under Sideways Down” & “Jeff’s Boogie”. It would seem that those two songs were built up by dubbing between 2 mono machines (not unlike 1960’s BBC sessions). Still “Digital Extraction Stereo” (AKA “Spectral Remixing”) could produce better simulated stereo than the 1960’s “Electronically Reprocessed Stereo” that has always been heard when those 2 songs appeared on the stereo “Roger The Engineer” album. Will this be the last-ever edition of “Roger The Engineer”? I doubt it.

Rare Glam

Let’s hope Amzon have run out of paper bags by the time this comes out and have got back to proper cardboard packaging. Come to think of it That Who ‘Sell Out’ SDE is due before this, hopefully that will come in its own card made to measure box, I can’t bear to think of that turning up in a grocery bag as well!

Nathan Thomas

Seems to be mainly Amazon EU using the bags – all my Amazon UK stuff is still in boxes

Charles K

I have stopped ordering anything from Amazon directly anymore if I can help it. On top of constantly delivering severely bent vinyl in plastic bags they also send the wrong one every other time. I go with the other sellers every time now even if I have to pay for shipping or a little extra on price.

Alfredo Torres

The Yardbirds are one of the best British Invasion bands that came out of the sixties we headed their time there music on the guitar sounds

Paul D

Great deal. Ordered the signed version.


That’s a fantastic price for such a great package. Ordered.

Dr Silence

Thank you, nice to catch the offer, and I’m glad I didn’t commit to other vinyl pressings of the album in recent years (HMV, RSD).

Gary Tilford

I’m not a fan of Yardbirds but I have to say that this is a great price for what is included. Plus a signed print as well. Looks like Demon have done a great job on this set. Of course there will be people moaning about the vinyl and cd’s being in the same box. Great article Paul.

Dave Bickerton

Thanks, ordered. Will arrive just in time for my fiftieth

Phil Cohen

….and my 65th.

Timm Davison

Boo. I really hope Amazon UK resumes shipping product to the US once this pandemic has been put under some measure of control.

David Rose

I dont think that’s going to happen, check out postal rates to the USA now changed from airmail zone 1, to out on it’s own zone 3

Phil Cohen
SDE Hall of Fame

Somebody has to confront amazon.co.uk for this discriminatory practise. Would they prefer that we get the music by illegal downloading? I should note, that they have seldom used Royal Mail when shipping to the U.S.A., so the Royal Mail surcharges on parcels destined for North America , is simply an excuse for amazon.co.uk’s action. Incidentally, I ordered the indie dealer version (with colour vinyl L.P.’s) from a dealer in the U.S.A.


It’s been remastered and rereleased a few times before but is this the first time the original master tapes were used?


My 1998 reissue which has almost the same track listing on a single cd iso three (!) is “mastered from the Yardbird’s own tapes” except the Keith Relf singles. So the answer is no, I guess.

John Blutarski

True Paul, I changed to a UK adress just to check, and Yes, then I Saw I could have ordered. First time (for me at least) that I can’t order vinyl/CD and shop to my Dutch home adress from Amazon UK itself


Yes, it happened to me too – no shipping to Belgium from amazon.co.uk on the Fawlty Towers box. And more recently still, and weirder, no shipping to Belgium from amazon.fr for the new My Bloody Valentine vynil issues. What the hell? Belgium doesn’t even have its own amazon site so we have to rely on the FR one – even for kindles amazon actually advises you to have them shipped to a friend in France.

R. Michael Cox

Yep–no shippy to the US & A. I tried.

Trev Hughes

Thanks for the Heads Up Paul. Another Great Deal.


Shame Chris and Mr Beck couldn’t find the time to sign them as well.

Andrew r

Agree there at this distance from 66 it wouldn’t have hurt
surely and made it really special . Aah well


Got it signed in Amazon, thanks Paul!

Pete Stanton

Thanks Paul Signed version ordered


Just the one previously unreleased track?

Paul Whitfield

Thanks Paul, ordered!

eric slangen

The signed version is already out of stock.???

Graeme Ewan

Noice one.