David Bowie deluxe edition

2CD and 2LP coloured vinyl

David Bowie / Deluxe Edition

David Bowie’s self-titled debut album – the one released on Deram in 1967 – is being reissued on deluxe CD and coloured vinyl, next month.

This period is what is sometimes referred to as Bowie’s ‘Anthony Newley’ era and the album includes songs such as ‘Uncle Arthur’, ‘Sell Me A Coat’, ‘Love You Til Tuesday’ and ‘When I Live My Dream’.

2LP green vinyl edition of 1967’s David Bowie

The 30-track 2CD deluxe delivers 23 tracks less than the 2010 deluxe edition of the same album, so you can make up your own mind how compelling this is. Meanwhile, there is a pair of 2LP coloured vinyl editions (‘green’ and indie-only ‘cloudy green’) which offer 28 tracks but each with a different bonus track (‘Sell Me A Coat (Remix – mono)’ is the 28th track on the standard green vinyl while and ‘The Laughing Gnome’ (Vocal Take 1/Mix 1) is the 28th track on the indie-exclusive ‘cloudy green’ vinyl edition (in other words, neither edition contains both songs). A further D2C coloured vinyl offers ‘Space Oddity (Love You Till Tuesday Version)’ in place of the aforementioned songs.

Quite why this is reissue is coming out now, is unclear. Possibly, a ‘spoiler’ for the current Ziggy / Rock ‘n’ Roll Star! activity from Warners or a case of just jumping on the Bowie bandwagon.

David Bowie will be reissued on 26 July 2024, via Decca

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David Bowie

David Bowie - 2LP green vinyl


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David Bowie

David Bowie - 2CD edition

New 2CD edition of 1967’s David Bowie


David Bowie / Deluxe Edition

David Bowie David Bowie /

    • CD 1
      1. Uncle Arthur
      2. Sell Me A Coat
      3. Rubber Band
      4. Love You Till Tuesday
      5. There Is A Happy Land
      6. We Are Hungry Men
      7. When I Live My Dream
      8. Little Bombardier
      9. Silly Boy Blue
      10. Come And Buy My Toys
      11. Join The Gang
      12. She’s Got Medals
      13. Maids Of Bond Street
      14. Please Mr. Gravedigger
    • CD 2
      1. Rubber Band
      2. The London Boys
      3. The Laughing Gnome
      4. The Gospel According To Tony Day
      5. Love You Till Tuesday
      6. Did You Ever Have A Dream
      7. When I Live My Dream
      8. Let Me Sleep Beside You
      9. Karma Man
      10. In The Heat Of The Morning
      11. London Bye Ta-Ta
      12. When I’m Five
      13. Ching-A-Ling
      14. The Laughing Gnome (Vocal Take 1/Mix 1)
      15. Sell Me A Coat
      16. Space Oddity (Love You Till Tuesday Version)

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