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Here at SDE we’ve had a chance to take a look at the recent Texas 25 super deluxe edition box set and bring you an extensive set of photographs of this 2CD+vinyl+book package.

The contents come in a sturdy outer box with an attractive silver finish and the ‘Texas 25’ logo boldly displayed on the front and each of the four sides. Lift the lid to reveal your numbered Sharleen Spiteri signed certificate which sits atop five decent quality art prints. Having seen the book (more of which later) I’m not sure if the images selected for the prints are the best on offer, but there you go.

The heavyweight red vinyl is smartly packaged and feels substantial – unlike those recent Bjork anniversary LPs. It’s worth noting that the red vinyl isn’t exclusive to this box set and neither, come to that, is the two-CD version of Texas 25 that’s also included. What is exclusive is the 84-page hardcover book. Again, this has been well put together, but bear in mind this is a strictly photo-only affair. There is virtually no text, save for photographer credits. So if you were hoping for a track-by-track guide or an essay about Texas’ 25 year history you’ll be disappointed. The photos are great of course, but the reality is that you flick through once or twice and you’re done.

The deluxe edition CD version of Texas 25 sits in a slot just behind the book. The silver finish of the casebound book packaging is consistent with the other elements and the pages within contain photos and song lyrics.

The quality of the packaging is very good, but at the UK price of £100, this box set feels rather overpriced. The coloured vinyl and deluxe CD can be bought separately for £25, so you’re paying £75 for an autograph, a few art prints, the book and the outer box. Your desire to pay even cheaper Amazon France price of around £72 is going to come down to how much of a fan of the band you are.

Texas 25 is out now. You can read our review of the music here.

This box set was manufactured by Key Production.

Super Deluxe Edition box set


2CD Deluxe Edition

Red Vinyl Edition

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