Suede / CD Albums box set


Edsel Records today release the Suede CD Albums Box, a set which is effectively identical to the LP box from late last year but with optical discs rather than vinyl.

The CDs all come packaged in vinyl replica sleeves and while not up to Japanese level of detail, the label have done a decent job, with good quality, oversized spined card sleeves with two gatefolds (Dog Man Star and Bloodsports).

Whilst none of the original inner sleeve designs are replicated, these do at least have inner sleeves, albeit plain white.

The five studio albums of the original era (Suede, Dog Man Star, Coming Up, Head Music and A New Morning) are joined by Bloodsports and the 1997 compilation Sci-Fi Lullabies. In fact Sci-Fi Lullabies has also been given a separate CD release, styled as a digi-pack, but the card gatefold version in this box is presented totally differently (although they share the same actual discs).

One of the big attractions here is a fine booklet where the band discuss EVERY track from every album. This includes Bernard Butler with regards to the first two records. An oversized version of the same booklet came with the vinyl box, but it’s satisfying for fans that they can now enjoy this analysis of Suede’s output from the horse’s mouth for around £30 rather than the £130 that the LP set cost (much more now – it’s out of print)

Of course most fans will have all the music within, but these are rather nicely done. If the forensic detail of the 2011 three-disc deluxe editions was more Suede than you could comfortably digest, then you could do worse than to explore this set. The price tag is worth it for the first three albums, Sci-Fi Lullabies and Bloodsports, alone.

And if you are a massive Suede fan you know you’re going to *have* to buy this anyway, because it will look so good next to your CD Singles box!

A wider question is whether there is any more moisture in the chamois leather that is Suede’s back catalogue, or have Edsel wrung it dry? With the 20th Anniversary of Dog Man Star on the horizon, we think it’s probably still a little damp…

The Suede CD Albums Box Set is released today. Check out our picture gallery below.


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