More on Ultravox’s Lament 40th anniversary reissue

Watch this video as I talk to you a bit more about the Ultravox Lament SDE-exclusive blu-ray and offer a first look at the 7CD+DVD and 5LP box sets!

Lament is reissued on 6 September 2024. Pre-order the blu-ray and/or other editions via the SDE shop using this link or the buttons below.


Lament Ultravox / SDE exclusive blu-ray audio

    • Steven Wilson Dolby Atmos, Steven Wilson 5.1 Surround (96/24), Steven Wilson Stereo Mix (96/24) and Original 1984 stereo mix (96/24)
      1. White China
      2. One Small Day
      3. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
      4. Lament
      5. Man of Two Worlds
      6. Heart of The Country
      7. When The Time Comes
      8. A Friend I Call Desire
      Extra tracks
      1. Easterly
      2. Building
      3. Love’s Great Adventure
      Bonus Audio (Steven Wilson 96/24 stereo only)
      1. White China [Steven Wilson 12” Re-Mix] 7.49
      2. Man of Two Worlds [Steven Wilson 12” Re-Mix] 8.49
      3. When The Time Comes [StevenWilson 12” Re-Mix] 7.16
      4. A Friend I Call Desire [Steven Wilson 12” Re-Mix] 8.11


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