PWL Extended: Big Hits & Surprises / SDE-exclusive blu-ray – ‘unboxed’

SDEtv takes a look at the SDE-exclusive blu-ray edition of BMG’s new PWL Extended Big Hits and Surprises Vols 1&2. Watch the video…

PWL Extended: Big Hits and Surprises is released on 17 November 2023 via BMG. You can order the SDE-exclusive blu-ray via this link or using the buy button (‘add to cart’) below. These are now in stock and will ship in the next 48 hours.

TECHNICAL NOTES: This blu-ray audio requires a blu-ray player. It will not play on a CD player!


PWL Extended Big Hits & Surprises / SDE-exclusive blu-ray audio

PWL: Extended Big Hits and Surprises Various Artists /

      1. AGENTS AREN’T AEROPLANES The Upstroke (Extended Version) 6:26
      2. THE BLOW MONKEYS Digging Your Scene (Phil Harding Remix) 7:39
      3. PRINCESS In The Heat Of A Passionate Moment (The Final Frontier Mix) 7:48
      4. RICK ASTLEY Never Gonna Give You Up (Cake Mix) 5:47
      5. STOCK AITKEN WATERMAN Roadblock (Extended Version) 8:08
      6. SAMANTHA FOX Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now (Extended Version) 7:01
      7. RICK ASTLEY She Wants To Dance With Me (Extended R’n’B Version)** 4:41
      8. SHOOTING PARTY Safe In The Arms Of Love (Phil’s Extra Beat Update) 7:18
      9. CAROL HITCHCOCK Get Ready (Original 12″ Remix) 8:28
      10. KYLIE MINOGUE I Should Be So Lucky (Extended Mix) 6:05
      11. JASON DONOVAN Nothing Can Divide Us (Great Scott, It’s The Remix) 6:08
      12. SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK Success (Balaeracidic 12″ Mix) 7:00
      13. KYLIE MINOGUE Hand On Your Heart (The Great Aorta Mix) 6:24
      14. JASON DONOVAN Too Many Broken Hearts (Extended Version) 5:46
      15. SONIA You’ll Never Stop Me Loving You (Extended Version) 7:59
      16. KYLIE MINOGUE Better The Devil You Know (The Mad March Hare Mix) 7:07
      17. LONNIE GORDON Happenin’ All Over Again (Hip House Mix) 5:37
      18. PRINCESS Say I’m Your Number One (Tony King’s 5 Years On 12″ Mix) 6:52*
      19. HAZELL DEAN Better Off Without You (A Touch Of Leather Mix) 7:09
      20. PAUL VARNEY If Only I Knew (Hurley’s House Mix)** 6:26
      21. THE TWINS All Mixed Up (12″ Mix) 6:00
      22. KYLIE MINOGUE What Kind Of Fool? (Heard All That Before) (12″ Master Mix)*** 6:50
      23. WEST END FT. SYBIL The Love I Lost (Unrequited Mix) 6:35
      24. BOY KRAZY That’s What Love Can Do (Club Mix) 6:47
      Bonus tracks (exclusive to the SDE blu-ray audio)
      1. STOCK AITKEN WATERMAN SS Paparazzi (Dave Ford’s Acid Mix)* 4:49
      2. DELAGE I Wanna Shout About It (12″ Mix) 6:46
       *Previously unreleased digitally or physically.
      **New to digital formats.
      ***New to physical formats.


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