Saturday Deluxe / 6 February 2016


Pet Shop Boys: It’s A Hoax

What have I done to deserve this? The recent story about the Pet Shop Boys new single, which listed remix and bonus track details, has been dubbed ‘false’ by the band!

Under the title “Hoax” the Pet Shop Boys are saying on the Pet Texts section of their website that “false information is circulating online about the new PSB single and the bonus tracks and mixes that will be released”.

This is disappointing. Obviously the story wasn’t a hoax, because that implies a deliberate fabrication, whereas as the news article was simply reporting information in good faith, from an apparently credible source. Regular readers will be well aware that SDE doesn’t ‘do’ sensationalist ‘hoax’ reports. It is not that sort of website and we have better things to do with our time.

But we have to take the PSBs at face value, so if they say it’s inaccurate then we can only accept that and apologise to them and our readers for passing on misinformation.

It’s slightly ironic that after the story was published all the comments that were left were very positive about the band and how great it is that they still support B-sides, physical media and give value to their fans. So whatever their next single, and whatever the B-sides and remixes, we hope that there is a physical release on CD and vinyl as well as digital bundles.

If the PSBs or their representatives want to get in touch to correct this information we’d be glad to publish and inform their fans.

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