Art of Noise / In No Sense? Nonsense! Remastered 2CD deluxe edition

Art of Noise / In No Sense? Nonsense! 2CD deluxe edition

The Art of Noise‘s 1987 album In No Sense? Nonsense! will be reissued as a two-CD deluxe edition in November.

Gary Lagan had left after In Visible Silence leaving Anne Dudley and J.J. Jeczalik to continue as a duo. Dudley recalls, “At that time, we were meeting new people, doing adverts and films and things. There was lots of new input. These adverts generated other new tracks. They would evolve and we’d agree they were good ideas. And we’d ask each other what would happen if we did this, this and this? So that kept everything evolving.”

The reissue features newly-remastered audio including bonus seven-inch and 12-inch mixes including collaborations with Paul McCartney (the Art of Noise ‘Spies Like Us’ remix) and Duane Eddy (‘Spies’). Additionally, there are 22 unreleased recordings from the sessions, taken from the original master tapes.

In No Sense? Nonsense! 2CD deluxe is likely to be released on 2 November 2018.

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Art of Noise

In No Sense? Nonsense? 2CD deluxe


CD 1
1. Galleons of Stone (2018 Remastered Version)
2. Dragnet (2018 Remastered Version)
3. Fin du temps (2018 Remastered Version)
4. How Rapid? (2018 Remastered Version)
5. Opus for Four (2018 Remastered Version)
6. Debut (2018 Remastered Version)
7. E.F.L. (2018 Remastered Version)
8. Ode to Don Jose (2018 Remastered Version)
9. A Day At the Races (2018 Remastered Version)
10. Counterpoint (2018 Remastered Version)
11. Roundabout 727 (2018 Remastered Version)
12. Ransom On the Sand (2018 Remastered Version)
13. Roller 1 (2018 Remastered Version)
14. Nothing Was Going to Stop Them, Anyway (2018 Remastered Version)
15. Crusoe (2018 Remastered Version)
16. One Earth (2018 Remastered Version)

Bonus tracks
17. Legacy (7” Mix) [2018 Remastered Version]
18. Dragnet (7” Mix) [2018 Remastered Version]
19. Spies Like Us (Art of Noise 12” Mix) – Paul McCartney
20. Spies – Duane Eddy
21. Ode To Don Jose (7” Mix)
22. Opus III (2018 Remastered Version)
23. Lost Innocence – Duane Eddy
24. Acton Art (2018 Remastered Version)
25. Ransom On the Sand (7” Edit)
26. Debut (7” Edit)

CD 2
1. Dragnet ’88 (7” Mix) [2018 Remastered Version]
2. Fin du temps (Air Studios)
3. Domestic Disco
4. Roller 1 (Out-take)
5. Faberge 12 (Opus For Four) [Air Studios]
6. Theatrical (EFL) [Air Studios]
7. Galleons of Crusoe
8. Western (Ode to Don Jose) [Eden Studios] [Take 1]
9. Moog & Baboon (Ode to Don Jose) [Eden Studios] [Take 2]
10. More Moog & Baboon (Ode to Don Jose) [Eden Studios] [Take 3]
11. Judo 3 (Ode to Don Jose) [Eden Studios] [Take 6]
12. Sam (Demo for Duane Eddy)
13. Nobody Told Me Anything
14. Racing
15. Sweet Reason
16. Exercise & Pool Montage
17. Last Chance to Dance (Edit)
18. Ringing in the Ears
19. Legacy (12” Mix) [2018 Remastered Version]
20. Dragnet (12” Mix) [2018 Remastered Version]
21. Dragnet ’88 (12” Mix) [2018 Remastered Version]
22. Spies (Espionoise Mix) [Instrumental] – Duane Eddy
23. 2 Many Thankyous
24. One Earth (New Mexico Mix)

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