Bananarama / The Greatest Hits Collection / newly expanded

‘Complete Singles’ 1981-1988 • Extra tracks •  Bonus disc of remixes

An expanded two-CD edition of Bananarama‘s 1988 compilation, The Greatest Hits Collection, will be released at the end of this month.

The band say this has been reissued “in celebration of our original line up tour” and the track listing is based on the first CD edition (so no Help! with Lananeeneenoonoo), although disc one does feature three bonus tracks: Hot Line To Heaven (from 1984’s Bananarama), The Wild Life (non-album 1984 single – not issued in the UK – written for the film of the same name) and Cheers Then (from 1983’s Deep Sea Skiving).

This new edition comes with a bonus disc that features 11 remixes of singles, including Really Saying Something (with Fun Boy Three), Robert De Niro’s Waiting and Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye). This also comes with an updated booklet with new photos, handwritten note and some track-by-track comments from the band.

This two CD version of The Greatest Hits Collection is released via London Music Stream on 24 November 2017.

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The Greatest Hits Collection - 2CD edition


Disc: 1
1. Venus
2. I Heard a Rumour
3. Love in the First Degree
4. I Can’t Help It
5. I Want You Back (Single Version)
6. Love, Truth & Honesty
7. Nathan Jones (Single Version)
8. Really Sayin’ Something (with Fun Boy Three)
9. Shy Boy
10. Robert De Niro’s Waiting… (7″ Version)
11. Cruel Summer
12. It Ain’t What You Do It’s the Way That You Do It (with Bananarama) – Fun Boy Three
13. Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)
14. Rough Justice (7″ Version)
15. A Trick Of The Night (7″ Version)
16. Aie A Mwana (7″ Version)
17. More Than Physical (DJ Edit)
18. Do Not Disturb
19. Hot Line To Heaven (7″ Mix)
20. The Wild Life (7″ Version)
21. Cheers Then

Disc: 2
1. Really Saying Something (with Fun Boy Three) [US Extended Version]
2. Shy Boy (US Extended Version)
3. Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye) [Extended Version]
4. Robert De Niro’s Waiting (Extended Version)
5. Venus (12” Hellfire Mix)
6. More Than Physical (Garage Mix)
7. I Heard A Rumour (Miami Remix)
8. Love In The First Degree (Eurobeat Style)
9. I Can’t Help It (The ”Hammond” Version Excursion)
10. Nathan Jones (Psycho Mix)
11. Cruel Summer (’89 Swing Beat Dub)

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