Beach Boys / Sail On Sailor 1972 box set

Four formats including 6CD or 5LP vinyl box set

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Sail On Sailor 1972 / The Beach Boys 6CD super deluxe

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Sail On Sailor: 1972 is a new Beach Boys box set that offers a deep dive on the albums Carl and the Passions – “So Tough” (1972) and Holland (1973).

The 6CD or 5LP+7″ box set offers remastered versions of both studio albums as well as a plethora of unreleased outtakes, live recordings, demos, alternate versions (the extent of the bonus material depends on which of the four physical editions you plump for).

This set does, of course, follow on from last year’s Feel Flows: The Sunflower and Surf’s Up Sessions 1969-1971 and was produced by the same team (Mark Linett and Alan Boyd).

The Sail On Sailor:1972 6CD deluxe set offers by far the most audio (click image to enlarge)

The 6CD super deluxe offers two discs of both remastered albums, with bonus tracks, and then two CDs of the band Live at Carnegie Hall on 23 November 1972 (1st and 2nd sets). The final two discs are Sessions and ad-hoc tracks. In total, there are 120 tracks of which 80 are previously unreleased. It comes packaged as a 48-page book, which looks to be consistent in terms of dimensions with the Feel Flows and Pet Sounds 50th anniversary deluxe CD editions (see image above).

The 5LP vinyl version offers significantly less material, 53 tracks in total, with the focus being on the two studio albums, and the Carnegie Hall date, with the latter’s two sets awkwardly spread across two-and-a-half vinyl records. The bonus tracks are on the seven-inch single and what is side 10 of the 5LPs.

The 5LP+7″ single edition of Sail On Sailor: 1972 (click image to enlarge)

There are two further physical editions, a 2LP+7″ variant which offers the two remastered albums (LPs 1 & 2 from the box) and the seven-inch single from the bigger set which features Mount Vernon and Fairway (A Fairytale). This EP was originally given away with the Holland album in early 1973.

The 2CD deluxe repeats what’s on the 2LP+7″, but adds a further 18 bonus tracks culled from the box thanks to the larger capacity of the optical discs. This 45-track physical format almost matches the audio count on the 5LP box and therefore could be a very attractive proposition for Beach Boys fans on a budget.

Sail On Sailor: 1972 will be released on 2 December 2022 (was 18 November 2022).


Sail on Sailor: 1972 The Beach Boys /

    • CD 1
      Carl and the Passions – “So Tough”
      1. You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone
      2. Here She Comes
      3. He Come Down
      4. Marcella
      5. Hold On Dear Brother
      6. Make It Good
      7. All This Is That
      8. Cuddle Up
      Bonus tracks (Previously Unreleased)
      1. The Road Not Taken (demo – previously unreleased)
      2. All This Is That (a Cappella mix – previously unreleased)
      3. He Come Down (2022 mix – previously unreleased)
      4. You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone (track and backing vocals)
      5. Marcella (a Cappella mix – previously unreleased)
      6. Make It Good (alternate mix with Intro – previously unreleased)
      7. Cuddle Up (alternate mix – previously unreleased)
      8. Carl and the Passions /Pet Sounds Promo (1972)
    • CD 2
      1. Sail On Sailor
      2. Steamboat
      3. California Saga – Big Sur
      4. California Saga – The Beaks Of Eagles
      5. California Saga – California
      6. The Trader
      7. Leaving This Town
      8. Only With You
      9. Funky Pretty
      By Brian Wilson 
      (Please listen in the dark)
      1. Mount Vernon And Fairway Theme
      2. I’m The Pied Piper – Instrumental
      3. Better Get Back In Bed
      4. Magic Transistor Radio
      5. I’m The Pied Piper
      6. Radio King Dom
      Holland bonus tracks (Previously Unreleased)
      1. We Got Love (2022 mix – previously unreleased)
      2. Hard Time (previously unreleased)
      3. Carry Me Home (previously unreleased)
      4. California Saga – The Beaks Of Eagles (1973 single mix – previously unreleased)
      5. California Saga – California (1973 single mix)
      6. Sail On Sailor (track – previously unreleased 2022 mix)
      7. Holland Promo 1 (1973)
    • CD 3
      THE BEACH BOYS LIVE AT CARNEGIE HALL (Previously Unreleased)
      November 23, 1972
      1st Set
      1. Concert Intro: Jack Rieley
      2. Sloop John B
      3. You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone
      4. Leaving This Town
      5. Darlin’
      6. Only With You
      7. Heroes and Villains
      8. Long Promised Road
      9. Don’t Worry, Baby
      10. Student Demonstration Time
      11. I Get Around
    • CD 4
      THE BEACH BOYS LIVE AT CARNEGIE HALL (Previously Unreleased)
      November 23, 1972
      2nd Set
      1. Intro to 2nd Set: Jack Rieley
      2. Marcella
      3. California Saga – California
      4. Help Me, Rhonda
      5. Let The Wind Blow
      6. Medley: Wonderful / Don’t Worry, Bill
      7. God Only Knows
      8. Do It Again
      9. Wouldn’t It Be Nice
      10. Wild Honey
      11. Good Vibrations
      12. California Girls
      13. Surfin’ USA
      14. Fun Fun Fun
      15. Jumpin’ Jack Flash
    • CD 5
      1972 SESSIONS (Previously Unreleased)
      1. You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone (a Capella mix – previously unreleased)
      2. Marcella (track and backing vocals – previously unreleased)
      3. Here She Comes (session excerpt – previously unreleased)
      4. Here She Comes (2022 mix – previously unreleased)
      5. He Come Down (a Cappella section – previously unreleased)
      6. Hold On Dear Brother (track and backing vocals – previously unreleased)
      7. Steamboat (track and backing vocals – previously unreleased)
      8. California Saga – California (track and backing vocals – previously unreleased)
      9. The Trader (track and backing vocals – previously unreleased)
      10. The Trader (second section a Cappella – previously unreleased)
      11. Only With You (alternate mix – previously unreleased)
      12. Funky Pretty (track and backing vocals – previously unreleased)
      13. Sail On Sailor (songwriting session – previously unreleased)
      14. Sail On Sailor (a Cappella mix – previously unreleased)
      15. Out In The Country (version 1) (previously unreleased)
      16. Out In The Country (version 2) (previously unreleased)
      17. Oh Sweet Something (previously unreleased)
      18. Spark in the Dark (previously unreleased track)
      19. Rooftop Harry (previously unreleased track)
      20. Body Talk (Grease Job)  (previously unreleased track)
      21. Holland Promo 2 (1973)
    • CD 6
      1. We Got Love (Live 1973 – previously unreleased)
      2. California Saga – Big Sur (Live 1973 – previously unreleased)
      3. Funky Pretty (Live 1973 – previously unreleased)
      4. The Trader (Live 1975 – previously unreleased)
      5. Sail On Sailor (Live 1975 – previously unreleased)
      6. All This Is That (Live 1993 – previously unreleased)
      1. Fairy Tale Music (2022 mix – previously unreleased)
      2. Pa Let Her Go Out (Better Get Back In Bed alternate version with intro – previously unreleased)
      3. I’m The Pied Piper (a Cappella section – previously unreleased)
      4. Radio King Dom (a Cappella section – previously unreleased)
      5. I’m The Pied Piper (alternate take spoken section – previously unreleased)
      6. Medley: Mount Vernon and Fairway Theme / A Casual Look (session excerpt – previously unreleased)
      1972 BONUS TRACKS (Previously Unreleased)
      1. Little Child (Daddy Dear) (Holland home recording)
      2. Susie Cincinnati (Holland home recording)
      3. Medley: Gimme Some Lovin’ / I Need Your Love
      1. California Saga – Big Sur
      2. California Saga – The Beaks of Eagles (2022 edit – previously unreleased)
      3. California Saga – California
      4. Carry Me Home (track and backing vocals – previously unreleased)
      5. All This Is That (a Capella alternate verse – previously unreleased)

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