Cast / The Vinyl Collection 1995-2001

Coloured vinyl box set • SIGNED print • Also: Clear vinyl greatest hits

British Britpop era band Cast‘s four Polydor studio albums are collected in The Vinyl Collection 1995-2001, a new 4LP set that features coloured vinyl pressings of all four record and comes with a SIGNED print.

The albums are All Change (1995), Mother Nature’s Call (1997), Magic Hour (1999) and Beetroot (2001). The band chalked up an impressive 10 consecutive UK top 20 singles in this period – including ‘Finetime’, ‘Sandstorm’ and ‘Free Me’.

If this is more Cast than you need, then you can opt for another new release, a CLEAR vinyl greatest hits package than actually spans six albums and the years 1995-2017. The latter is available to order from the SDE shop (or just use the button below for simplicity).

Both the coloured vinyl box set and the clear vinyl greatest hits are being issued by Demon Records on 9 November 2018.


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The Cast

The Vinyl Collection 1995-2001 [VINYL]

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All Change (1995)

Side A:

1. Alright
2. Promised Land
3. Sandstorm
4. Mankind
5. Tell It Like It Is
6. Four Walls

Side B:

1. Finetime
2. Back Of My Mind
3. Walkaway
4. Reflections
5. History
6. Two Of A Kind

Mother Nature Calls (1997)

1. Free Me
2. On The Run
3. Live The Dream
4. Soul Tied
5. She Sun Shines
6. I’m So Lonely

Side B:

1. The Mad Hatter
2. Mirror Me
3. Guiding Star
4. Never GonnaTell You What To Do (Revolution)
5. Dance Of The Stars

Magic Hour (1999)

Side A:

1.Beat Mama
2.Compared To You
3.She Falls
5.Magic Hour
6.Company Man

Side B:

2.Chasing The Day
3.The Feeling Remains
4.Burn The Light

Beetroot (2001)

Side A:

1. Desert Drought
2. Heal Me
3. Curtains
4. Kingdoms And Crowns
5. Giving It All Away
6. Lose Myself

Side B:

1. I Can Never Say
2. High Wire
3. Meditations
4. Jetstream
5. U-Turn
6. Universal Grinding Wheel

Greatest Hits 1995 – 2017 (clear vinyl LP)


1. Fine Time
2. Alright
3. Sandstorm
4. Walkaway
5. Flying
6. Free Me
7. Guiding Star
8. Live The Dream


1. I’m So Lonely
2. Beat Mama
3. Magic Hour
4. Desert Drought
5. See That Girl
6. Time Bomb
7. Do That

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