Culture Club and Boy George / Japanese CD reissues

Japanese ‘Paper Sleeve’ CDs with bonus tracks

A series of Culture Club and Boy George CD reissues will be issued exclusively in Japan, in December.

All four Culture Club studio albums – Kissing to be Clever (1982), Colour By Numbers (1983), Waking Up With the House on Fire (1984) and From Luxury to Heartache (1986) – are part of this campaign, along with Boy George’s Sold and Tense Nervous Headache albums (from 1987 and 1988 respectively).

Additionally, there’ll be a Japanese Singles Collection: Greatest Hits Culture Club release which is a CD+DVD package and is a continuation of the series that has offered titles by Wham!, a-ha, Paul Young and others.

The album reissues are in the Japanese UHQCD format, which I should stress is compatible with all CD players, and is yet another in a long line of Japanese technologies (in this case MQA technology) that purports to squeeze sound improvements from the humble CD. What’s more interesting is that these discs are apparently created from new 2022 DSD masters “using UK original master tapes”. Also, each CD is presented as a mini-LP CD / vinyl replica / paper sleeve with OBI-strips that replicate the first UK pressing, so these should look and sound great!

Also, each album has bonus tracks. It’s notoriously difficult to get accurate info ahead of time with these kinds of releases, but according to various product listings Kissing To Be Clever offers 10 bonus tracks, Colour By Numbers has nine, Waking Up With the House on Fire also has nine, From Luxury To Heartache has five, Sold has six and Tense Nervous Headache has 12, two for the album and then the Boyfriend album on a separate CD (it’s a 2CD set). Boyfriend, which was an album cobbled together from outtakes from the sessions and issued in the UK in 1989.

The bonus tracks will almost certainly be remixes, B-sides and possibly single edits, but there’s no confirmation yet. These are all released in Japan on 21 December 2022 (was 14 December). As usual, you can choose to import from Japan or buy locally for higher prices (the latter requires waiting until January 2023).


Japan Singles Collection: Greatest Hits Culture Club / CD+DVD

    • CD
      1. Mystery Boy
      2. Do You Really Want to Hurt Me
      3. Time (Clock of the Heart)
      4. Church of the Poison Mind
      5. Karma Chameleon
      6. Miss Me Blind
      7. The War Song
      8. The Medal Song
      9. Don’t Go Down that Street
      10. Love Is Love
      11. Move Away
      12. God Thank You Woman
      13. I Just Wanna Be Loved
      14. Your Kisses Are Charity
      15. I’ll Tumble 4 Ya
      16. Miss Me Blind/It’s A Miracle (US 12″ Mix)
      17. The War Song (Japanese Version)
      18. Mistake No. 3
    • DVD
      1. Do You Really Want to Hurt Me
      2. Time (Clock of the Heart)
      3. Church of the Poison Mind
      4. I’ll Tumble 4 Ya
      5. Karma Chameleon
      6. Victims
      7. Miss Me Blind
      8. It’s a Miracle
      9. The War Song
      10. The Medal Song
      11. Mistake No. 3
      12. Love Is Love
      13. Move Away
      14. God Thank You Woman
      15. I Just Wanna Be Loved
      16. Your Kisses Are Charity
      17. Cold Shoulder


Kissing To Be Clever Culture Club / Japan Paper Sleeve CD

    • CD
      1. White Boy (Dance Mix)
      2. You know I’m Not Crazy
      3. I’ll Tumble 4 Ya
      4. Take Control
      5. Love Twist
      6. Boy Boy (I’m The Boy)
      7. I’m Afraid Of Me (Remix)
      8. White Boys Can’t Control It
      9. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
      Bonus tracks
      1. Mystery Boy (Japanese Single Version)
      2. Love Is Cold (You Were Never No Good)
      3. Murder Rap Trap (featuring Captain Crucial)
      4. Time (Clock Of The Heart)
      5. White Boy (single version)
      6. I’m Afraid Of Me (single version)
      7. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (Dub Version)
      8. Romance Beyond The Alphabet
      9. White Boy (Extended Mix)
      10. I’m Afraid Of Me (Extended Mix)


Colour By Numbers Culture Club / Japan Paper Sleeve CD

    • CD
      1. Karma Chameleon
      2. It’s A Miracle
      3. Black Money
      4. Changing Every Day
      5. That’s The Way (I’m Only Trying To Help You)
      6. Church Of The Poison Mind
      7. Miss Me Blind
      8. MisterMan
      9. Stormkeeper
      10. Victims
      Bonus tracks
      1. Man Shake
      2. Mystery Boy
      3. Melting Pot (Live)
      4. Colour By Numbers
      5. Romance Revisited
      6. Kama Chameleon (7″ mix)
      7. Love Twist (Featuring Captain Crucial) (Live)
      8. Miss Me / It’s A Miracle (US 12″ Mix)
      9. Shirley Temple Moment


Waking Up With The House On Fire Culture Club / Japan Paper Sleeve CD

    • CD
      1. Dangerous Man
      2. The War Song
      3. Unfortunate Thing
      4. Crime Time
      5. Mistake No. 3
      6. The Dive
      7. The Medal Song
      8. Don’t Talk About It
      9. Mannequin
      10. Hello Goodbye
      Bonus tracks
      1. Love Is Love (From Electric Dreams)
      2. The Dream (From Electric Dreams)
      3. Don’t Go Down That Street
      4. The War Song (Japanese version)
      5. The War Song (Spanish version)
      6. The War Song (German version)
      7. The War Song (French version)
      8. The Medal Song (Single Version)
      9. The War Song (Shriek Mix)


From Luxury to Heartache Culture Club / Japan Paper Sleeve CD

    • CD
      1. Move Away
      2. I Pray
      3. Work On Me Baby
      4. Gusto Blusto
      5. Heaven’s Children
      6. God Thank You Woman
      7. Reasons
      8. Too Bad
      9. Come Clean
      10. Sexuality
      Bonus tracks
      1. From Luxury To Heartache
      2. Move Away (12″ Version)
      3. God Thank You Woman (12″ Version)
      4. Sexuality (Extended Version)
      5. Gusto Blusto (Extended Dance Mix)


Sold Culture Club / Japan Paper Sleeve CD

    • CD
      1. Sold
      2. I Asked for Love
      3. Keep Me in Mind
      4. Everything I Own
      5. Freedom
      6. Just Ain’t Enough
      7. Where Are You Now (When I Need You)
      8. Little Ghost
      9. Next Time
      10. We’ve Got the Right
      11. To Be Reborn
      Bonus Tracks
      1. Use Me* (B-Side)
      2. State of Love* (B-Side)
      3. I Pray (remix)* (B-Side)
      4. Are You To Afraid* (B-Side)
      5. Live My Life (7 inch mix)*
      6. Live My Life (album version)

      *unavailable on cd


Tense Nervous Headache + Culture Club / Japan Paper Sleeve 2CD set

    • CD 1: Tense Nervous Headache
      1. Don’t Cry
      2. You Are My Heroin
      3. I Go Where I Go
      4. Girl with Combination Skin
      5. Whisper
      6. Something Strange Called Love
      7. I Love You
      8. Kipsy
      9. Mama Never Knew
      10. What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted
      11. American Boyz
      12. Happy Family
      Bonus tracks
      1. Leave In Love (B-Side)
      2. A Boy Called Alice (B-Side)
    • CD 2: Boyfriend
      1. Don’t Take My Mind On A Trip (US Club Remix)
      2. You Found Another Guy
      3. Weather They Like It Or Not
      4. I’m Not Sleeping Anymore
      5. Lies
      6. Big Dark Man (Waiting)
      7. Girlfriend
      8. No Clause 28 (High Energy Mix
      9. Don’t Take My Mind On A Trip (original version)
      10. No Clause 28 (full original version)

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