Demon serve up second helpings of Blancmange with more Blanc Tapes

After the limited run of 500 signed Blancmange Blanc Tapes box sets sold out in a matter of hours, Demon Music have been under some pressure by fans to produce some more. With label and band management delighted at the overwhelmingly positive response, they’ve relented and some more are now available to pre-order, but read on for important details…

In order to honour the terms of the first run, these subsequent sets won’t come with a signed print. Other than that, they will be identical. So you’ll get the rigid outer slipcase (with the groovy ‘Blanc Tapes’ front cover design, as above) and within that, the media book, triple-disc expanded editions of the Happy Families, Mange Tout and Believe You Me albums.

If you were unlucky before and ended up pre-ordering the individual reissues, obviously you now have the option to cancel those and pre-order this. At current prices, there’s a premium of around £5 for this ‘boxed’ set edition, and that’s if this box doesn’t drop, which may well happen. Update: Buying this box is now CHEAPER than buying the three individual reissues!

The Blanc Tapes is released on 4 August 2017.

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The Blanc Tapes - unsigned edition

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Happy Families

CD 1

1. I Can’t Explain
2. Feel Me
3. I’ve Seen the Word
4. Wasted
5. Living On The Ceiling
6. Waves
7. Kind
8. Sad Day
9. Cruel
10. God’s Kitchen
11. Living On The Ceiling [extended version]
12. God’s Kitchen [12″ mix]
13. Feel Me [12″ instrumental]
14. Waves [original version – no strings]

CD 2

1. Sad Day [original version]
2. Feel Me [extended 12″ version]
3. Business Steps
4. Black Bell [demo]
5. Melodic Piece [demo]
6. Your Hills [rehearsal]
7. I Can’t Explain [demo]
8. Waves [demo]
9. I’ve Seen The Word [1979 demo]
10. Holland [demo]
11. I’ve Seen The Word [demo]
12. Feel Me [Mike Howlett dub version]

CD 3: At The BBC

RADIO 1 SESSION [13.2.82]

1. I Would
2. Living On The Ceiling
3. Waves
4. Running Thin

RADIO 1 SESSION [5.6.82]

5. God’s Kitchen
6. Feel Me
7. Kind
8. Cruel


9. God’s Kitchen
10. Living On The Ceiling
11. I’ve Seen The Word
12. I Can’t Explain
13. Waves
14. Feel Me

Mange Tout

CD 4

1. Don’t Tell Me
2. Game Above My Head
3. Blind Vision
4. Time Became The Tide
5. That’s Love, That It Is
6. Murder
7. See The Train
8. All Things Are Nice
9. My Baby
10. The Day Before You Came
11. Game Above My Head [long version]
12. Blind Vision [long version]
13. Don’t Tell Me [extended]
14. Vishnu [short version]
15. Blind Vision [Martyn Ware demo]

CD 5

1. Time Became The Tide [demo]
2. If You Want To Be Hip
3. It Never Rains [demo]
4. Murder [demo]
5. Heaven Knows Where Heaven Is
6. On Our Way To?
7. That’s Love, That It Is [extended]
8. Vishnu [full length]
9. Get Out Of That
10. All Things Are Nice [version]
11. The Day Before You Came [extended]
12. Don’t Tell Me [remix]
13. That’s Love, That It Is [remix]
14. Blind Vision [instrumental/dub version]

CD 6: At The BBC

RADIO 1 SESSION [17.3.83]

1. Time Became The Tide
2. Murder
3. Blind Vision
4. Vishnu


5. Living On The Ceiling
6. Game Above My Head
7. I Can’t Explain
8. My Baby
9. Blind Vision
10. Don’t Tell Me
11. God’s Kitchen
12. Murder
13. The Day Before You Came
14. That’s Love, That It Is
15. Kind
16. Feel Me

Believe You Me

CD 7

1. Lose Your Love
2. What’s Your Problem?
3. Paradise Is
4. Why Don’t They Leave Things Alone?
5. 22339
6. Don’t You Love It All
7. Believe
8. Lorraine’s My Nurse
9. Other Animals
10. No Wonder They Never Made It Back!
11. John
12. Lose Your Love [7″ single version]
13. I Can See It [extended]
14. Lose Your Love (This Club Mix)
15. Mixing On The Ceiling [Megamix]

CD 8

1. Side Two
2. A Remedial Course [demo]
3. Believe [demo]
4. Scream Down The House
5. Gentle On My Mind [demo]
6. M Diver (Alternate Dream) [demo]
7. River Of Life [demo]
8. Lose Your Love [extended]
9. What’s Your Problem [extended]
10. Don’t You Love It All [demo]
11. Lose Your Love With Helen [demo]
12. Reaching Out [demo]
13. I Can See It [7″ single version]
14. Lose Your Love In London [unreleased mix]

CD 9: At The BBC

RADIO 1 SESSION [29.9.85]

1. Believe
2. Don’t You Love It All
3. Lose Your Love
4. Paradise Is


5. Don’t Tell Me
6. What’s Your Problem
7. That’s Love That It Is
8. Don’t You Love It All
9. Why Don’t They Leave Things Alone?
10. God’s Kitchen
11. Lose Your Love
12. Paradise Is
13. Other Animals
14. Game Above My Head
15. Living On The Ceiling
16. I’ve Seen The Word
17. Kind
18. Blind Vision

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