Demon to replace 10 discs on error-strewn Dead Or Alive box set

Dead Or Alive / Sophisticated Boom Box MMXVI 19-disc box set

Demon Music have investigated the errors on the recently issued Dead Or Alive box set and will replace more than half the discs in the Sophisticated Boom Box to fans who request replacements….

You can read the detail around the fixes below (taken from this post on Demon’s website) and the process for getting replacement discs is also laid out.

Demon’s statement:

Dead Or Alive ‘Sophisticated Boom Box MMXVI’

We have carefully read through all of the comments and e-mails we have received, and we are now in the process of rectifying all issues that were raised. To ensure that the changes we have made are correct, we have enlisted the help of an expert to act as a second pair of eyes and ears, and are satisfied the changes below address the issues that have been highlighted.

Thank you for the feedback – it is appreciated.

Demon will be offering replacement discs of 8CDs and 2DVDs to all customers who e-mail to the following e-mail address [email protected]

This is the process:

  • Subject line of the e mail should be ‘Dead Or Alive’
  • If you have purchased more than one copy and need multiple replacements, please write the number in the subject line, for instance “Dead or Alive x 2”
  • Customers to not write anything in the body of the e-mail apart from their name and full postal address including post code/zip code
  • Each e-mail will be responded to with a confirmation
  • The replacement discs will be ready to ship from the 28/11/2016
  • Optimal (the manufacturer) will ship the packages via DHL/UPS and they estimate a delivery time of 2-3 days depending on location

Below are the issues that were identified and the actions that have been taken:-

Disc 1 – Sophisticated Boom Boom – CD1

Track 1 – ‘I’d Do Anything’
Issue – Finishes with an extra “do do do” which sounds odd on play back.

We have corrected this error and are remanufacturing this disc

Disc 2 – Sophisticated Boom Boom – CD2

Track 5 – ‘What I Want’ (1984 Dance Mix)
Issue – Plays the same as Track 2 ‘Original Dance Mix’. Upon seeking advice from an expert we have now corrected this and will re-manufacture this disc

Track 9 – ‘That’s The Way I Like It’ (Dub)
Issue – plays the same as Track 12 – ‘Keep That Body Strong (That’s The Way)’.

Despite being extremely similar, these versions are different. We understand that the (Dub Version) was an earlier version of ‘Keep That Body Strong’. From a historical perspective, we are keeping this in place.

Disc 3 – Youthquake – CD1

Issue – plays in Mono
Issue – Track 12 – ‘My Heart Goes Bang’ (7″ Version) plays the same as album version

We have corrected the mono error and are remanufacturing this disc
We have sourced a new master for ‘My Heart Goes Bang’ (7″ Version)

Disc 4 – Youthquake – CD2

Issue – plays in Mono
Issue – Track 4 – My Heart Goes Bang [American WIPE-OUT Mix]
Issue – Track 8 – You Spin Me Round [Big Ben Mix]. Sounds like it’s a reconstruction, using a clean intro (lifted from the Performance Mix), and a clean 7″ single version, with the bells/chimes in between coming from a crackly vinyl source

We have corrected the mono error and are remanufacturing this disc
Track 4 – My Heart Goes Bang [American WIPE-OUT Mix] should actually be listed as an ‘Edit’. The full length mix has never been released on CD, however at present we are unable to source a master with the full, unedited 6:45 duration.
Issue – Track 8 – You Spin Me Round [Big Ben Mix] – We were supplied an analogue tape by Sony. We believe the chimes may have been lifted from another source and edited to create this unique mix at the time of production.

Disc 6 – Mad, Bad, And Dangerous To Know – CD1

Issue – There is an awkward gap between ‘Then There Was You’ and ‘Come Inside’ on the original album sequence.
Issue – ‘Brand New Lover’ (Edit) appears to be slower than any other version.

The segue between Tracks 4 & 5 has been fixed and we are remanufacturing this disc
We have sourced a replacement master for ‘Brand New Lover’ (Edit)

Disc 8 – Rip It Up – CD1

Issue – Track 13 ‘Something In My House’ (Short Version) should be an edit of the album version but plays the 7″ remix.

We have sourced a replacement master of the 3.57 “7” short version” and we are remanufacturing this disc

Disc 12 Fan The Flame (Part 1)

Issue – Track 1 ‘Fan The Flame’ (feat. Gina X) / Track 2 ‘Unhappy Birthday’.

Steve Coy included this version of ‘Fan The Flame’, as it was previously unreleased and acts as an opening prelude for the album, which was re-sequenced. Track 1 now segues seamlessly into Track 2 ‘Unhappy Birthday’, which was the original Track 2 on the 1990 Japanese release.

Disc 14 – Nukleopatra – CD2

Issue – Tracks 1 and 6 ‘Rebel Rebel’ are exactly the same (they should be different mixes).
Issue – Track 12 should be ‘International Thing’ (NU-NRG 12″ Remix) but plays the album version.

Track 6 is ‘The Hole Mix’, whereas Track 1 is an earlier shorter version of that mix. Track 1 and 6 are identical up until 6:10-ish. Track 1 has an “UGH!” at this point and ends abruptly. Track 6 has no “UGH!”, and starts to fade out instead… so they’re the same mixes, with very slight differences to the endings.

We have sourced a replacement master of the 7.02 ‘International Thing’ (NU-NRG 12″ Remix) and we are remanufacturing this disc

Disc 18 and 19 – DVD 1 & 2

Issues – Cropped, freezing issues.

We have gone back to the source masters and fixed all of these issues and are re-authoring these discs.

We would also like to highlight that in the process of putting together this set we have used the Sony and Steve Coy masters. There are no MP3s and vinyl rips used.




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