Essential 10cc / 3CD set

Generous 3CD set at a great price

Essential 10cc / 3CD set

UMC will issue Essential 10cc on their budget Spectrum Music imprint next month. The three-CD set brings together an impression 54 tracks.

10cc scored 11 top ten UK hits in the 1970s and the creative force of the band was famously driven by two internal writing teams: the ‘arty’ and experimental Kevin Godley & Lol Creme and the more poppy and commercial Graham Gouldman and Eric Stewart.

Godley and Creme left in 1976 and enjoyed further success as a duo and notably went on to forge a very successful career as promo video directors. Stewart and Gouldman continued, until 1983’s Windows in the Jungle album after which there was something of a hiatus.

There was a brief, but unsuccessful, reunion with Godley and Creme in 1992 (the ...Meanwhile album). That pair didn’t return for the final album, 1995’s Mirror Mirror, which in truth was more like an uneasy fusion of Gouldman and Stewart solo albums.

Essential 10cc will be released on 5 February 2021. The UK price is likely to drop to the usual £5 mark, before release. See the full track listing, below.


  1. I’m Not In Love
  2. Life Is A Minestrone
  3. I’m Mandy Fly Me
  4. The Second Sitting For The Last Supper
  5. Brand New Day
  6. Channel Swimmer
  7. Good News
  8. Une Nuit A Paris (part 1) / The Same Night in Paris (part 2) / Later the Same Night in Paris (part 3)
  9. Get It While You Can
  10. I Wanna Rule The World
  11. Head Room
  12. Lazy Ways
  13. Iceberg
  14. People In Love
  15. Marriage Bureau Rendezvous
  16. Modern Man Blues (live)
  17. I’m So Laid Back I’m Laid Out
  18. Don’t Squeeze Me Like Toothpaste


  1. Dreadlock Holiday
  2. The Things We Do For Love
  3. Wall Street Shuffle (live 1977)
  4. Waterfall (Live 1977)
  5. Ships Don’t Disappear In The Night (Do They?) (live 1977)
  6. You’ve Got A Cold (live 1977)
  7. Life Line
  8. Take These Chains
  9. From Rochdale to Ocho Rios
  10. Last Night
  11. Nothing Can Move Me
  12. It Doesn’t Matter At All
  13. Strange Lover
  14. Welcome To The World
  15. Dressed To Kill
  16. Only Child
  17. I’m Not In Love (Live in London 1982)
  18. Dreadlock Holiday (Live in London 1982)


  1. Good Morning Judge
  2. Art For Art’s Sake
  3. The Power Of Love
  4. You’re Coming Home Again
  5. Run Away
  6. Les Nouveaux Riches
  7. Don’t Ask
  8. Memories
  9. Action Man In Motown Suit
  10. We’ve Heard It All Before
  11. Oomachasaooma (Feel The Love)
  12. Food For Thought
  13. Yes I Am
  14. She Gives Me Pain
  15. Something Special
  16. Welcome To Paradise
  17. Don’t
  18. Lost In Love

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