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A few of you have requested more information around the Julian Cope reissues that are out this week – in particular exactly which tracks/variants on are the bonus discs of the two-CD reissues of World Shut Your Mouth and Fried.

I can confirm that World Shut Your Mouth has the three extra tracks from the 1996 reissue (Wreck My Car, Hey Class Butcher and Eat the Poor) and adds the remixed version of (The) Greatness and Perfection (of Love). There are also two B-sides along with four tracks from a February ’83 John Peel Session and three from a January ’84 David Jensen session. See full listing below.

Fried‘s 11-track bonus disc adds more material from BBC Radio One: a December ’84 Janice Long Session and another John Peel Session, this time from May ’84. Again, the three bonus tracks from the mid-nineties reissue are maintained; these are Land Of Fear, Mic Mak Mok and I Went On A Chourney.

Both reissues are remastered by Andy Pearce and come packaged in jewel cases. The 16-page booklets include notes from Mick Houghton who was The Teardrop Explodes and Julian Copes’ PR man from 1980 to 1986.

The World Shut Your Mouth and Fried reissues are out tomorrow on Caroline International.


World Shut Your Mouth 2CD Deluxe

Fried 2CD Deluxe



World Shut Your Mouth 2CD Deluxe

Disc: 1
1. Bandy’s First Jump
2. Metranil Vavin
3. Strasbourg
4. An Elegant Chaos
5. Quizmaster
6. Kolly Kibber’s Birthday
7. Sunshine Playroom
8. Head Hang Low
9. Pussyface
10. Greatness And Perfection
11. Lunatic And Fire-Pistol

Disc: 2
1. Wreck My Car
2. High Class Butcher
3. Eat The Poor
4. Greatness And Perfection [Remixed version]
5. 24a Velocity Crescent [Single B-side]
6. Pussyface [Single B-side]
7. Head Hang Low [John Peel Session 05/02/1983]
8. Lunatic And Fire – Pistol  [John Peel Session 05/02/1983]
9. High Class Butcher  [John Peel Session 05/02/1983]
10. The Greatness And Perfection Of Love  [John Peel Session 05/02/1983]
11. Reynard The Fox  [David Jensen Session 05/01/1984]
12. King Of Chaos [David Jensen Session 05/01/1984]
13. Laughing Boy [David Jensen Session 05/01/1984]


Fried 2CD deluxe

Disc: 1
1. Reynard The Fox
2. Bill Drummond Said
3. Laughing Boy
4. Me Singing
5. Sunspots
6. The Bloody Assizes
7. Search Party
8. King Of Chaos
9. Holy Love
10. Torpedo

Disc: 2
1. Land Of Fear
2. Christmas Morning [Janice Long Session 12/12/1984]
3. Disaster [Janice Long Session 12/12/1984]
4. Mic Mak Mok
5. Pulsar [Janice Long Session 12/12/1984]
6. Sunspots [John Peel Session 29/5/1984]
7. Me Singing [John Peel Session 29/5/1984]
8. Search Party [John Peel Session 29/5/1984]
9. Crazy Farm Animal [Janice Long Session 12/12/1984]
10. I Went On A Chourney
11. Hobby [John Peel Session 29/5/1984]

World Shut Your Mouth 2CD Deluxe

Fried 2CD Deluxe

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