Keane / Hopes and Fears 20

Anniversary reissue campaign

Keane’s 2004 debut Hopes and Fears will be reissued for its 20th anniversary in May.

The album features three UK top 10 singles in ‘Somewhere Only We Know’, ‘Everybody’s Changing’ and ‘Bedshaped’ and was a massive success. It has since gone on to sell more than 2.7m copies in the UK alone.

Founding band member and songwriter Tim Rice-Oxley said: “When I think about these songs, I still picture us playing them in little rooms in pubs around the UK. I remember how exciting it was watching the crowds start to grow. Those songs opened the door to another dimension for us; everything that has happened in our lives since then was born out of that moment. It’s an incredible privilege for us that people are still listening after all this time.”

The reissue is available as a 3CD deluxe set which offers B-sides, rarities and a host of unreleased demos and an expanded 2LP coloured vinyl delivers the remastered album on LP 1 and B-sides and rarities on LP 2. There’s also a single ‘galaxy’ coloured vinyl LP which is album-only and a D2C box set that includes the 3CD, a seven-inch single and a whole load of ‘stuff’ (numbered commemorative ticket, Hopes And Fears notebook, postcards etc).

Hopes and Fears 20 will be released on 20 May 2024 via UMR/Island.

Hopes and Fears 2LP coloured vinyl


Hopes and Fears Keane / 20th anniversary edition

    • CD 1: Remastered Album
      1. Somewhere Only We Know
      2. Bend And Break
      3. We Might As Well Be Strangers
      4. Everybody’s Changing
      5. Your Eyes Open
      6. She Has No Time
      7. Can’t Stop Now
      8. Sunshine
      9. This Is The Last Time
      10. On a Day Like Today
      11. Untitled 1
      12. Bedshaped
    • CD 2: B-sides and Rarities
      1. Snowed Under
      2. Fly To Me
      3. Something In Me Was Dying
      4. She Opens Her Eyes
      5. To The End Of the Earth
      6. The Way You Want It
      7. Allemande
      8. Walnut Tree
      9. Love Actually
      10. Wonderful River
      11. More Matey
      12. Get Away From Yourself
    • CD 3: Demos
      1. Somewhere Only We Know (Tim demo, September 2002)
      2. Somewhere Only We Know (Demo, December 2002)
      3. Bend and Break (Demo, April 2002)
      4. We Might As Well Be Strangers (Tim demo, September 2003)
      5. Everybody’s Changing (Demo, July 2002)
      6. Your Eyes Open (Demo, April 2002)
      7. She Has No Time (Demo, October 2002)
      8. Can’t Stop Now (Demo, January 2003)
      9. Sunshine (Demo, February 2002)
      10. This Is The Last Time (Demo, May 2002)
      11. On A Day Like Today (Tim demo, September 2003)
      12. Untitled 1 (Tim demo, May 2002)
      13. Bedshaped (Demo, October 2002)

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