More R.E.M. vinyl reissues on the way

Accelerate and Reveal

Craft Recordings will reissue two more R.E.M. albums on vinyl, in August and September.

Released in 2001, Reveal was co-produced with long-time collaborator Patrick McCarthy. It was something of a return to what you might call the band’s ‘classic’ sound and featured the singles ‘Imitation of Life’ (a UK top 10 hit) and ‘All the Way to Reno (You’re Gonna Be a Star)’.

Collapse Into Now is being reissued on vinyl

Accelerate from 2008 was the follow-up to Around the Sun, and opted for a more aggressive, purposeful sound. The band’s penultimate studio album was described by Rolling Stone as “one of the best records R.E.M. has ever made”. Discuss! It features the single ‘Supernatural Superserious’.

Both albums are pressed on 180-gram vinyl and come with a printed insert.

Accelerate and Reveal are released on 22 September (Accelerate was 25 August), both via Craft Recordings.

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Imitation of Life from Reveal


Accelerate R.E.M. /

    • Side A
      1. Living Well Is The Best Revenge
      2. Man-Sized Wreath
      3. Supernatural Superserious
      4. Hollow Man
      5. Houston
      6. Accelerate
      Side B
      1. Until The Day Is Done
      2. Mr. Richards
      3. Sing For The Submarine
      4. Horse To Water
      5. I’m Gonna DJ


Reveal R.E.M. /

    • Side A
      1. The Lifting
      2. I’ve Been High
      3. All the Way to Reno (You’re Gonna Be a Star)
      4. She Just Wants to Be
      5. Disappear
      6. Saturn Return
      Side B
      1. Beat A Drum
      2. Imitation of Life
      3. Summer Turns To High
      4. Chorus and the Ring
      5. I’ll Take the Rain
      6. Beachball

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