Porcupine Tree / The Delerium Years 1994 – 1997 / vinyl box set


Opportunity to hear early works from Steven Wilson & band, curated and compiled in this smartly presented vinyl box

The Delerium Years 1994 – 1997 is an eight-piece vinyl box set featuring the music of English rock band Porcupine Tree, a band fronted by Steven Wilson that collects two double studio albums, a triple live set and a four track 12-inch record…

The band was formed in the late 1980s and became a fully-fledged touring group by the mid-1990s. This new box set contains 1995’s The Sky Moves Sideways which saw the group move more into the progressive rock sphere they later became known for. Follow-up Signify (1996) is the second double album in The Delerium Years. Coma Divine is the live triple LP of a sold out show in Rome, appeared in late 1997 and these three releases are accompanied by an LP of bonus tracks, including two versions of Signify II pressed as a concentric cut – depending on which groove the stylus falls into, you get a different mix.

All of the audio is pressed on 180g heavyweight vinyl and has been remastered by Steven Wilson over the last three years. The records come packaged in a deluxe box with 40-page book containing liner notes and a detailed band history by US journalist, Stephen Humphries. The box, book and LP packaging is designed by long-term collaborator Carl Glover and features new and previously unseen material alongside the original artwork from the era.

Availability around the world varies but the box is out now and appears to be cheapest via the Burning Shed store, which is the official outlet for Porcupine Tree (and Steven Wilson).

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Delerium [VINYL]



A – The Sky Moves Sideways:

1. The Sky Moves Sideways – Phase 1 [18:40]

B – The Sky Moves Sideways:

1. Stars Die [5:07]
2. Dislocated Day [5:24]
3. The Moon Touches Your Shoulder [5:40]
4. Prepare Yourself [2:00]

C – The Sky Moves Sideways:

1. The Sky Moves Sideways – Phase 2 [16:56]

D – The Sky Moves Sideways

1. Moonloop [22:23]

E – Signify:

1. Bornlivedie [1:46]
2. Signify [3:26]
3. Sleep Of No Dreaming [5:24]
4. Pagan [1:36]
5. Waiting (Phase One) [4:24]

F – Signify:

1. Waiting (Phase Two) [6:21]
2. Sever [5:30]
3. Idiot Prayer [7:37]

G – Signify:

1. Every Home Is Wired [5:18]
2. Intermediate Jesus [7:29]

H – Signify:

1. Light Mass Prayers [4:28]
2. Dark Matter [8:52]

I – Coma Divine:

1. Bornlivedieintro – Live In Rome [1:25]
2. Signify – Live In Rome [5:24]
3. Waiting (Phase One) – Live In Rome [4:32]
4. Waiting (Phase Two) – Live In Rome [5:24]

J – Coma Divine:

1. The Sky Moves Sideways – Live In Rome [12:41]
2. Dislocated Day – Live In Rome [6:36]

K – Coma Divine:

1. Sleep Of No Dreaming – Live In Rome [5:19]
2. Moonloop – Live In Rome [11:40]

L – Coma Divine:

1. Up The Downstair – Live In Rome [7:40]
2. The Moon Touches Your Shoulder – Live In Rome [5:05]
3. Always Never – Live In Rome [5:41]

M – Coma Divine:

1. Is Not – Live In Rome [6:09]
2. Radioactive Toy – Live In Rome [13:30]

N – Coma Divine:

1. Not Beautiful Anymore – Live In Rome [09:39]

O – Bonus Tracks:

1. Signify II (Secular Mix) [6:05]
1. Signify II (Religious Mix) [6:05]

P – Bonus Tracks:

1. Sound Of No-one Listening [8:17]
2. Colourflow In Mind [3:51]
3. Fuse The Sky [4:36]

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