Shakespears Sister / Hormonally Yours 30th anniversary

Formats include 7CD singles box!

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Shakespears Sister / Hormonally Yours 30th anniversary reissue

Hormonally Yours / Shakespears Sister 7CD singles box set

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Shakespears Sister / Hormonally Yours 30th anniversary reissue

New formats including coloured vinyl, CD+DVD and 7CD singles box • Mirror-board packaging and limited ‘Sequinned Catsuit Editions’

Shakespears Sister’s 1992 album Hormonally Yours will be reissued in August for its 30th anniversary across various special vinyl and CD formats, including a 75-track, 7CD singles box set!

The album was a enormous success off the back of the astonishing UK chart-topping single ‘Stay’ which spent a staggering eight weeks at number one across February, March and April of 1992. Five singles were issued in Britain including ‘I Don’t Care (which peaked at #7) and ‘Hello (Turn Your Radio On)’ which was a top 20 hit in November ’92.

The 30th anniversary reissues of Hormonally Yours sees all formats make use of special ‘mirror-board’ packaging. This means that instead of the white front cover, the artwork is printed on special reflective, ‘mirror’ stock.

There are two new vinyl editions, white and ‘splatter’ vinyl, with the band’s official store exclusively offering a special ‘Sequinned Catsuit Edition’ of the white variant. This is literally a bespoke sequinned sleeve inspired by the band’s famous catsuits. Very flash!

Exclusive to the SS official store are ‘Sequinned Catsuit Editions’ of vinyl and CD+DVD formats! (click image to enlarge)

A ‘bookpack’ (aka casebound book) CD+DVD edition adds three bonus tracks to the (remastered) album proper and offers all the videos as shot by Sophie Muller, plus live recordings of album tracks from the bands 2019 tour. Also on this disc, is previously unseen footage shot during the making of the album. Again, this is printed on mirror-board and the official store has a ‘Sequinned Catsuit Edition’ of this format as well (the vinyl Sequinned Catsuit Edition is limited to 1000 units, the CD+DVD version, 2000 units).

So far, so good, but the format which has the SDE readers’ name all over it, is the 7CD singles box! Like the other formats, this is printed on special mirror-board stock and this set devotes a CD to each of the singles five singles, plus the promo single ‘Black Sky’. These CD singles are absolutely packed with variants of each song. For example the ‘Stay’ CD has 13-tracks, while ‘I Don’t Care’ and ‘Goodbye Cruel World’ have 11 apiece. Fantastic stuff. If you are wondering why it’s seven CDs and not six, it’s because the remastered album with the 3 bonus tracks is included as well! What’s not to like? Especially at £35 with a signed A5 photo, exclusive from the band’s official store.

CD singles box set includes six singles and the expanded album in ‘mirror-board’ packaging (click image to enlarge)

These 30th anniversary editions of Hormonally Yours include new sleeve notes and will be released on 30 September 2022 (was 19 August 2022).

Shakespears Sister Official Store Exclusives


Shakespears Sister / Hormonally Yours 30th anniversary reissue

Hormonally Yours Shakespears Sister / 25th anniversary

    • Hormonally Yours
      1. Goodbye Cruel World 4:05
      2. I Don’t Care 4:15
      3. My 16th Apology 4:16
      4. Are We in Love Yet 3:45
      5. Emotional Thing 3:48
      6. Stay 3:48
      7. Black Sky 4:08
      8. The Trouble with Andre 4:38
      9. Moonchild 4:27
      10. Catwoman 3:59
      11. Let Me Entertain You 4:44
      12. Hello (Turn Your Radio On) 4:12

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