The Pretty Things / Live at the BBC

6CD box features seven hours of audio

Repertoire Records have been issuing BBC-related Pretty Things compilations for almost 20 years and in June are putting out their biggest collection yet, with a six-CD package called The Pretty Things Live at the BBC.

The label originally released a two-CD set in 2003 (called The BBC Sessions) and more recently, in 2015, a four-CD collection (The Pretty Things Live at the BBC). The new six-CD collection offers an expanded version of the same content with tracks performed on shows like Saturday Club, Top Gear (in the late 1960s) and John Peel’s Sunday Concert and Sounds of the ’70s, Radio Flashes and In Concert, in the following decade. The final disc in this collection also includes sessions on the Mark Lamarr Show in 2009 and with Marc Riley in 2018 (before returning to the 1960s for some bonus tracks).

The discs are packed full, with each offering over 70 minutes of audio. In total, there’s over seven hours of content to enjoy. The audio has been ‘restored and remastered’ by Eroc (Jon Astley did the 2015 set), and curator Colin Harper confirmed to SDE that this is anything but a quick rehash. He says: “There are around 50 additional tracks and all but 15 of the 2015 edition’s tracks have been sourced new from ‘flat masters’ – be they direct from the BBC or from various off-air sources, many uncirculating. The remaining 15 have been brought into line with the rest by the mighty Eroc’s quite extraordinary restoration and mastering. Sonically, this is a massive enhancement of the previous set.”

A 3LP white vinyl edition is also available

The box set collects three ‘digi-sleeved’ two-CD sets and Richard Morton Jack provides sleeve notes (which includes an interview with Phil May discussing the recordings) and Repertoire’s Chris Welch also interviews founder member guitarist Dick Taylor, who reminisces about the early days of the Pretty Things and pays tribute to Phil May who died in 2020).

As well as the CD package, there’s also a 3LP edition as well. Pressed on white vinyl, the triple-disc affair adopts a themed approach with three eras tackled by each record: R&B, Psychedelic and Hard Rock.

The Pretty Things Live at the BBC will be released on 23 July 2021 (was 25 June).

Joachim Heinz Ehrig – once the drummer with German band Grobschnitt


Live a the BBC The Pretty Things / 6CD box set

      1. Big Boss Man [Saturday Club, 10/64]
      2. Interview: Brian Matthew [Saturday Club, 10/64]
      3. Don’t Bring Me Down [Saturday Club, 10/64]
      4. Mama, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut [Saturday Club, 10/64]
      5. Road Runner [Saturday Club, 10/64]
      6. Big City [Saturday Club, 10/64]
      7. Don’t Bring Me Down [Beat Room, 24/12/64]
      8. Mama, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut [Beat Room, 24/12/64]
      9. Johnny B. Goode [Beat Room, 24/12/64]
      10. We’ll Be Together [Saturday Club, 9/2/65]
      11. Interview: Brian Matthew [Saturday Club, 10/10/65]
      12.  Sitting All Alone [Saturday Club, 10/10/65]
      13. Big City [Saturday Club, 10/10/65]
      14. Buzz The Jerk [Saturday Club, 10/10/65]
      15. Rainin’ In My Heart [Saturday Club, 10/10/65]
      16. LSD [Saturday Club, 5/66]
      17. Interview: Brian Matthew [Saturday Club, 5/66]
      18. Midnight To Six Man [Saturday Club, 5/66]
      19. Buzz The Jerk [Saturday Club, 5/66]
      20. Midnight To Six Man [A Whole Scene Going, 12/1/66]
      21. Turn My Head [Top Gear, 3/12/67]
      22.  Introduction: Brian Matthew [Top Gear, 3/12/67]
      23. Walking Through My Dreams [Top Gear, 3/12/67]
      24. Defecting Grey [Top Gear, 3/12/67 – unabridged]
      25. Talking About The Good Times [Top Gear, 3/12/67]
      26. SF Sorrow Is Born [Top Gear, 7/11/68]
      27. She Says Good Morning [Top Gear, 7/11/68]
      28. Balloon Burning [Top Gear, 7/11/68]
      29. Old Man Going [Top Gear, 7/11/68]
      Total playing time: 71.31


Live at the BBC The Pretty Things / 3LP white vinyl

    • Side 1
      1. Big Boss Man (Saturday Club, 10/64)
      2. Don’t Bring Me Down [Edit] (Saturday Club, 10/64)
      3. Mama, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut (Saturday Club, 10/64)
      4. Road Runner (Saturday Club, 10/64)
      5. Big City (Saturday Club, 10/64)
      6. Don’t Bring Me Down (Beat Room, 24/12/64)
      7. Mama, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut (Beat Room, 24/12/64)
      8. Johnny B. Goode (Beat Room, 24/12/64)
    • Side 2
      1. We’ll Be Together (Saturday Club, 9/2/65)
      2. Sitting All Alone (Saturday Club, 10/10/65)
      3. Big City (Saturday Club, 10/10/65)
      4. Buzz The Jerk (Saturday Club, 10/10/65)
      5. Raining In My Heart (Saturday Club, 10/10/65)
      6. LSD (Saturday Club, 5/66)
      7. Midnight To Six Man (Saturday Club, 5/66)
      8. Buzz The Jerk (Saturday Club, 5/66)
      9. Rosalyn (Mark Lamarr, Radio 2 28/3/09)

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