The Strokes / Coloured vinyl

Limited edition pressings

Four albums by The Strokes will be reissued on limited edition coloured vinyl in July.

The American rock band’s second, third, fourth and fifth long-players receive this treatment, namely:

  • Room On Fire from 2003 (blue vinyl)
  • First Impressions of Earth from 2005 (‘hazy red’ vinyl)
  • Angles from 2011 (purple vinyl)
  • Comedown Machine from 2013 (red and yellow marbled vinyl)

The band’s 2001 debut This Is It was reissued on white vinyl back in 2020, which might explain its absence as part of this campaign.

Room On Fire and First Impressions of Earth will be reissued on 7 July 2023, via Sony Music. The other two are out on 4 August. These are limited editions but the label has not revealed how many they are pressing.


The Strokes / Room On Fire blue vinyl reissue

Room On Fire The Strokes / Blue vinyl LP

    • Side A
      1. What Ever Happened?
      2. Reptilia
      3. Automatic Stop
      4. 12:51
      5. You Talk Way Too Much
      6. Between Love & Hate
      Side B
      1. Meet Me in the Bathroom
      2. Under Control
      3. The Way It Is
      4. The End Has No End
      5. I Can’t Win


The Strokes / First Impressions of Earth coloured vinyl reissue

First Impressions of Earth The Strokes / Hazy Red vinyl LP

    • Side A
      1. You Only Live Once
      2. Juicebox
      3. Heart in a Cage
      4. Razorblade
      5. On the Other Side
      6. Vision of Division
      Side B
      1. Electricityscape
      2. Killing Lies
      3. Fear Of Sleep
      4. 15 Minutes
      5. Ize Of The World
      6. Evening Sun
      7. Red Light


The Strokes / Angles purple vinyl reissue

Angles The Strokes / Purple vinyl LP

    • Side A
      1. Machu Picchu
      2. Under Cover Of Darkness
      3. Two Kinds Of Happiness
      4. You’re So Right
      5. Taken For A Fool
      Side B
      1. Games
      2. Call Me Back
      3. Gratisfaction
      4. Metabolism
      5. Life Is Simple In The Moonlight


The Strokes / Comedown Machine red and yellow marbled vinyl reissue

Comedown Machine The Strokes / Red and Yellow Marbled vinyl LP

    • Side A
      1. Tap Out
      2. All The Time
      3. One Way Trigger
      4. Welcome To Japan
      5. 80’s Comedown Machine
      Side B
      1. 50/50
      2. Slow Animals
      3. Partners In Crime
      4. Chances
      5. Happy Ending
      6. Call It Fate, Call It Karma

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