The Wedding Present / The Hit Parade 30th anniversary reissue

Newly artworked 2LP & 2CD sets

Sony are to reissue The Wedding Present’s The Hit Parade album(s) on vinyl and CD in September.

During 1992, the band issued a limited edition single every month (something they have been doing this year as well). Each single featured an original track on the A-side and a cover on the B-side. At the time you could buy a limited box to keep all your singles in.

The Hit Parade – 2022 2LP vinyl edition (click image to enlarge)

CD reissues followed around a decade later and there have been various vinyl iterations over the years (including an RSD quadruple 10″ vinyl set in 2016).

Now a newly artworked 2LP vinyl set and a 2CD editions will be issued, with both featuring all 24 songs. The vinyl package actually comes with the two CDs as a freebie bonus, which is probably better than a download code. Waiting for more 2CD pre-order links to come through, but you can pre-order at Rough Trade in the UK.

The Hit Parade will be released on 23 September 2022 (was 2 September), via Sony Music.


The Hit Parade The Wedding Present / 30th anniversary reissue

    • Side A
      1. Blue Eyes
      2. Go-Go Dancer
      3. Three
      4. Silver Shorts
      5. Come Play With Me
      6. California
    • Side B

      1. Cattle and Cane
      2. Don’t Cry No Tears
      3. Think That It Might
      4. Falling
      5. Pleasant Valley Sunday
      6. Let’s Make Some Plans

    • Side C
      1. Flying Saucer
      2. Boing!
      3. Love Slave
      4. Sticky
      5. The Queen of Outer Space
      6. No Christmas
    • Side D

      1. Rocket
      2. Theme from Shaft
      3. Chant of the Ever Circling Skeletal Family
      4. Go Wild in the Country
      5. U.F.O.
      6. Step Into Christmas

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