The Velvet Underground: White Light / White Heat super deluxe


As most music collectors will attest, there is nothing more annoying than albums by the same artist being reissued in a hodge-podge of styles, formats and packaging. Witness EMI’s approach to the Duran Duran catalogue a few years back. A true “pick ‘n’ mix” of re-releases included a casebound book (Rio), lift-off lid boxes (Duran Duran, Notorious) and ‘fatbox’ jewel case (Arcadia’s So Red The Rose). Let’s face it, that’s never going to look good on your shelf.

So credit to Universal for sticking with the same book format for the Super Deluxe Edition of The Velvet Underground‘s White Light/White Heat that was used for last year’s Velvet Underground & Nico SDE. If nothing else it ticks the OCD box, because they do slot nicely together on the shelf and the fonts on the spine match (very important).

The downside is that despite the luxury, you have to be honest and ask whether the content really justifies or demands such an approach. The six-CD set from last year definitely did, but the VU’s 1968 album was only six tracks to begin with and what we have here is a three CD set and with a retail price of around £50, making it not that much cheaper than its more generous predecessor. The standard two-CD ‘deluxe’ version of White Light/White Heat only lacks the mono version of the album and a few alternates but is available for about £15. So effectively you’re paying around £35 for the book and one extra CD.

Of course, if you’re a massive fan of the group or the album, why wouldn’t you want to push the boat out and a enjoy this luxurious presentation? If you own the previous Super Deluxe it’s hard to resist having a matching pair, and you don’t want to spend the rest of your days looking up at the ‘V’ section of your music collection ruing the fact that you didn’t pick-up this when you had the chance.

You will find the full track listing to this reissue here. White Light/White Heat super deluxe edition is out now. Enjoy the photo gallery below.

Book maintains the dimensions of last year’s Velvet Underground & Nico SDE
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Three discs (click to enlarge)
Removable spec sheet on the back (click to enlarge)

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