Time and Again: The Ultimate a-ha


Here’s a new image of the forthcoming a-ha compilation Time and Again: The Ultimate a-ha.

This two-CD set features hits on the first CD and rare and unreleased remixes on the second disc.

As is clear from the image, this is packaged as a double jewel case and it comes with a 24pp booklet, with design by Jeri Heiden, who worked on Hunting High and Low and many other a-ha albums. The booklet also contains new commentary by Paul and Magne (but not Morten!) on each of the songs on the ‘hits’ part of this package.

Time and Again: The Ultimate a-ha will be released on 25 March 2016. You can read more details about this release here.


Time and Again: The Ultimate a-ha


Disc One: Hits

  • 1. “Take On Me”
  • 2. “The Sun Always Shines On TV”
  • 3. “Hunting High and Low”
  • 4. “I’ve Been Losing You”
  • 5. “Cry Wolf”
  • 6. “Manhattan Skyline”
  • 7. “The Living Daylights”
  • 8. “Stay On These Roads”
  • 9. “You Are The One”
  • 10. “Crying In The Rain”
  • 11. “Move to Memphis”
  • 12. “Dark Is The Night For All”
  • 13. “Summer Moved On”
  • 14. “Forever Not Yours”
  • 15. “Lifelines”
  • 16. “Celice”
  • 17. “Analogue”
  • 18. “Foot of the Mountain”
  • 19. “Under the Makeup”

Disc Two: Remixed

  • 1. “Take On Me” (Kygo Remix)
  • 2. “The Sun Always Shines on TV” (Future Funk Squad’s ‘Radiant 4K’ Remix)*
  • 3. “Cry Wolf “ (Jellybean Mix)*
  • 4. “Touchy!” (House Mix)*
  • 5. “You Are The One” (Dub Mix Edit)*
  • 6. “Blood That Moves The Body” (Three-Time Gun Mix)*
  • 7. “Summer Moved On” (Remix)
  • 8. “Minor Earth Major Sky” (Black Dog Mix)
  • 9. “Velvet” (New York Mix)
  • 10. “Lifelines” (Boogieman Remix)
  • 11. “Did Anyone Approach You” (Reamped)
  • 12. “Celice” (Mauracher Remix)
  • 13. “Analogue” (CG’s Electrosphere Edit)
  • 14. “Cozy Prisons” (Aural Float Remix)
  • 15. “Nothing Is Keeping You Here” (Steve Osborne Remix)
  • 16. “Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah)” (Steve Osborne Version)

*Previously unreleased


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