SDEtv looks back / Paul McCartney aka The Fireman: Electric Arguments box set

The rare 2009 Electric Arguments box set unboxed 

In 2008 Paul McCartney released a third album with musician/producer Youth as ‘The Fireman’. Electric Arguments broke the mould inasmuch as unlike the previous two albums, it was openly promoted by the record label as being the work of the ex-Beatle. A limited box set edition was available only via McCartney’s website and arrived six months late, in July 2009. SDE now looks back and explores this rather special package with an SDEtv unboxing video…

This box is long out-of-print, but the CD and vinyl are still available.

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The Fireman (Paul McCartney and Youth)

Electric Arguments - 2LP vinyl

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Electric Arguments box set track listing

Disc 1 – The original album on CD

1. Nothing Too Much Just Out of Sight 4:55
2. Two Magpies 2:12
3. Sing the Changes 3:44
4. Travelling Light 5:06
5. Highway 4:17
6. Light from Your Lighthouse” 2:31
7. Sun Is Shining 5:12
8. Dance ‘Til We’re High 3:37
9. Lifelong Passion 4:49
10. Is This Love? 5:52
11. Lovers in a Dream 5:22
12. Universal Here, Everlasting Now 5:05
13. Don’t Stop Running (Includes hidden track, ‘Road Trip’, starting at 7:57) 10:31

Disc 2 – bonus tracks

1. Solstice Ambient Acapella 15:11
2. Travelling Light Instrumental 8:16
3. Wickerman Ambient Dub 12:41
4. Morning Mist Instrumental Dub 5:40
5. Equinox Instrumental 8:22
6. Sawain Ambient Acapella
7. Sawain Instrumental Dub 4:51

Disc 3 – DVD – Hi-definition audio recordings and videos

Album in hi-res stereo

1. Sing the Changes
2. Dance ’til We’re High
3. In the Studio

Disc 4 – DVD – Multi-track session files
Multi-track session files.

1. Dance ’til We’re High
2. Highway
3. Light from Your Lighthouse
4. Sing the Changes
5. Sun Is Shining


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