Saturday Deluxe / 25 February 2017

Catch up with Tanita Tikaram

I went to see Tanita Tikaram play live last night at the Barbican in London. It has certainly been a while. In a gap that’s approaching Kate Bushian proportions, the last time I saw her on stage was in 1989 – almost 28 years ago!

I loved her ’88 debut Ancient Heart, quite liked the follow-up The Sweet Keeper and then (I suspect like many) just inadvertently drifted away from her releases and keeping tabs on her career, as radio abandoned her and the gaps between albums stretched to as long as seven years.

Amazingly, when you consider Ancient Heart sold over three million copies (and was the best selling album in Germany in 1989) Warners have never seen fit to reissue it. The good news is that Tikaram’s 2016 album Closer To The People is fantastic, and if you fancy re-connecting with her music I would heartily recommend it. Check out the video to the ‘single’ The Way You Move above.

Depeche Mode’s / Where’s The Revolution 2 x 12-inch

If you were wondering if Sony would issue a 12-inch to go with the CD single of Depeche Mode‘s Where’s The Revolution, wonder no more, since that has now been confirmed.

If fact, the vinyl goes well beyond what’s on the CD, offering nine mixes of the first single from Spirit across a special two-record double pack.

The mixes are listed below and in bold are the versions also available on the five-track CD. If you’re keeping up, that means the optical disc has two remixes not on the vinyl set (Ewan Pearson Remix and the Terence Fixmer Remix). Possibly three, if the single version on the CD is some kind of radio edit and not the same as what’s on the album.

The vinyl will be issued on 28 April, almost two months later than the CD single.

1. Where s the Revolution (Autolux Remix)
2. Where s the Revolution (Pearson Sound Remix)
3. Where s the Revolution (Algiers Remix)
4. Where’s the Revolution (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)
5. Where s the Revolution (Pearson Sound Beatless Remix)
6. Where s the Revolution Where’s The Revolution (Simian Mobile Disco Dub)
7. Where s the Revolution (Terence Fixmer Spatial mix)
8. Where s the Revolution (Patrice Bäumel Remix)
9. Where s the Revolution (Ewan Pearson Kompromat Dub)

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Depeche Mode

Where's the Revolution 2 x 12-inch


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