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The Go-Gos’ three IRS albums from the early 1980s will be reissued as deluxe editions next month.

Originally formed in early 1978 the band released their debut album, Beauty and the Beat, in July 1981. It was a success, reaching number one on the Billboard album chart and it includes the hit singles We Got The Beat, Automatic and Our Lips are Sealed.

The reissue of Beauty and the Beat spans two CDs and like the 30th anniversary edition from 2011, it includes a full-length concert recorded in Boston in 1981, a month after the release of the album. In addition to that, this new set comes with a further 11 bonus tracks including rehearsals, demos and B-sides.

Follow-up Vacation was issued a year later, in August 1982, and is presented as an expanded one-CD edition including a B-side, demo and a few live tracks.

The last IRS album 1984’s Talk Show was produced by in England by Martin Rushent and another expanded CD offers a B-side, four live recordings, a 1990 re-recording of Cool Jerk, and three reunion recordings from 1994.

These releases are all digipaks and feature booklets with new interviews with Belinda Carlisle, Charlotte Caffey and Jane Wiedlin as well as lyrics and photos.

Beauty and the Beat, Vacation and Talk Show are reissued on 25 March 2016


Beauty and the Beat 2CD

Vacation  Expanded CD

Talk Show Expanded CD


EDSK7103 Go-Go's Beauty And The Beat packshot

Beauty and the Beat (2CD Deluxe)

Disc One

1. Our Lips Are Sealed
2. How Much More
3. Tonite
4. Lust To Love
5. This Town
6. We Got The Beat
7. Fading Fast
8. Automatic
9. You Can’t Walk In Your Sleep
10. Skidmarks On My Heart
11. Can’t Stop The World

Bonus tracks

12. Surfing And Spying
13. We Got The Beat [single mix]
14. Lust To Love [demo]
15. How Much More [demo]
16. Living At The Canterbury / Party Pose [live at rehearsal]
17. Fashion Seekers [intro: live at rehearsal/live at The Mabuhay]
18. Screaming [live at The Mabuhay]
19. Johnny Are You Queer? [live at The Mabuhay]
20. Fun With Ropes [live at The Mabuhay]
21. Blades [live at rehearsal]
22. He’s So Strange [live at rehearsal]

Disc Two

Live at the Metro Club, Boston (20th August 1981)

1. Skidmarks On My Heart
2. How Much More
3. Tonite
4. Fading Fast
5. London Boys
6. Cool Jerk
7. Automatic
8. Lust To Love
9. Can’t Stop the World
10. This Town
11. You Can’t Walk In Your Sleep (If You Can’t Sleep)
12. Our Lips Are Sealed
13. Let’s Have A Party
14. We Got the Beat
15. Surfing And Spying / Beatnik Beach
16. (Remember) Walking In The Sand
17. Vacation

EDSA5050 Go-Go's Vacation packshot

Vacation (Expanded CD)

1. Vacation
2. He’s So Strange
3. Girl Of 100 Lists
4. I Think It’s Me
5. We Don’t Get Along
6. It’s Everything But Partytime
7. Get Up And Go
8. This Old Feeling
9. Cool Jerk
10. The Way You Dance
11. Beatnik Beach
12. Worlds Away

Bonus Tracks

13. Speeding
14. Cool Jerk [demo]
15. London Boys [live at Palos Verdes High School]
16. Let’s Have A Party [live at Palos Verdes High School]
17. Beatnik Beach [live at Palos Verdes High School]
18. (Remember) Walking In The Sand [live at Palos Verdes High School]
19. We Don’t Get Along [live at Hakano Plaza]


EDSA5051 Go-Go's Talk Show packshot

Talk Show

1. Head Over Heels
2. Turn To You
3. You Thought
4. Beneath The Blue Sky
5. Forget That Day
6. I’m The Only One
7. Yes Or No
8. Capture The Light
9. I’m With You
10. Mercenary

Bonus Tracks

11. Good For Gone [b-side]
12. Yes Or No [single mix]
13. I’m With You [live at The Greek]
14. Can’t Stop The World [live at The Greek]
15. I’m The Only One [live at The Greek]
16. Cool Jerk [re-recording]
17. Mercenary [acoustic] [live at Universal Amphitheater]
18. Good Girl [Reunion recording 1994]
19. Beautiful [Reunion recording 1994]
20. The Whole World Lost Its Head [Reunion recording 1994]

Beauty and the Beat 2CD

Vacation 2CD

Talk Show 2CD

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