Chris Difford / 3LP signed vinyl box

Signed editions available. Two albums new to vinyl

Chris Difford‘s solo album are now being reissued as a 3LP vinyl box, which shares the same title as its CD cousin, Chris To The Mill. The first 500 of these come with a print signed by Chris.

Of the Squeeze songwriter’s three solo albums – I Didn’t Get Where I Am (2002), The Last Temptation of Chris (2008) and Cashmere If You Can (2001) – only the first has ever appeared on vinyl before. The inner sleeves of these reissues feature all the lyrics and track-by-track sleevenotes from Chris (presumably taken from the CD box).

This is released on 1 December 2017. Once the exclusive versions with the print sell out, then you can order a print-free standard edition.

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Chris Difford

Chris To The Mill - Signed 4LP vinyl box

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LP 1
1. 1. Tight Rope
2. For A Change
3. Cowboys Are My Weakness
4. No Show Jones
5. A World That Passed Me
6. One Day
7. Playing With Electric Trains
8. Lamas Fayre
9. Trafalgar Square
10. Parents

Disc: 2
1. 1. Come On Down
2. Broken Family
3. Battersea Boys
4. On My Own I’m Never Bored
5. Julian And Sandy
6. The Other Man In My Life
7. My Mother’s Handbag
8. Fat As A Fiddle
9. The Gates Of Eden
10. Reverso
11. Never Coming Back
12. Good Life
13. The Party’s Over

Disc: 3
1. 1. 1975
2. Like I Did
3. The Still And The Sparkling
4. Back In The Day
5. Sidney Street
6. Cotton Tops
7. Upgrade Me
8. Who’d Ever Want To Be
9. Passion Killer
10. Goldfish
11. Wrecked
12. Happy Once Again

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