Garbage vinyl and CD reissues

Garbage and Version 2.0 reissued once more

Garbage will see their first two albums reissued (again) next month.

The band’s self titled debut album, whose hits include ‘I’m Only Happy When It Rains’, ‘Stupd Girl’ and ‘Queer’, was originally reissued in 2015 for its 20th anniversary, while Version 2.0 – home to Push It, ‘I Think I’m Paranoid’ and ‘Special’, to name but a few) – was celebrating the same anniversary just three years ago in 2018.

The formats for both of these were album tracks-only on 2LP coloured vinyl, or 2CD and 3LP editions expanded with some bonus tracks. The triple vinyl editions were the box sets and saw the records pressed on black vinyl not the coloured wax of the cheaper editions, which seemed a strange thing to do at the time. So overpriced and under-spec’d was the Version 2.0 box that SDE described it as ‘ludicrous’ at the time.

The Garbage album is reissued on 2LP black vinyl and 2CD in August (click image to enlarge)

Despite being stingy with bonus material (probably to be ‘consistent’ with the 3LP sets) the two-CD editions were at least cheap. You may remember the controversial 41-track ‘digital super deluxe’ of the Garbage album which suggests band/label were not aligned with their physical-loving audience.

Anyway, the 2LP vinyl sets and the two-CD editions are reissued again next month, probably because Garbage are now on BMG rather than PIAS in the UK. The content is the same, although the standard vinyl editions are now black. The exception is a coloured vinyl edition of the first album (thought to be pink) will be released (again, again) in October for National Album Day.

The first two albums are both being reissued as two-CD sets with G/B-sides (click image to enlarge)

The box sets aren’t being reissued, even though they are both now out of print (Version 2.0 will be the easier/cheaper one to acquire via Discogs or eBay).

Garbage and Version 2.0 are re-reissued on 2LP vinyl and two-CD on 20 August 2021.

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Garbage (Remastered Edition - Pink Colour Vinyl  2LP) [VINYL]



Garbage / CD and vinyl reissues

Garbage Garbage / 2CD deluxe

    • CD 1 – the album remastered
      1. Supervixen
      2. Queer
      3. Only Happy When It Rains
      4. As Heaven is Wide
      5. Not My Idea
      6. A Stroke of Luck
      7. Vow
      8. Stupid Girl
      9. Dog New Tricks
      10. My Lover’s Box
      11. Fix Me Now
      12. Milk
    • CD 2 – ‘G-Sides’
      1. Subhuman
      2. Girl Don’t Come
      3. Sleep
      4. Driving Lesson
      5. Trip My Wire
      6. #1 Crush (Nellee Hooper mix)
      7. Butterfly Collector
      8. Alien Sex Fiend
      9. Kick My Ass


Version 2.0 Garbage / 2CD edition

    • CD 1
      1. temptation waits
      2. i think i’m paranoid
      3. when i grow up
      4. medication
      5. special
      6. hammering in my head
      7. push it
      8. the trick is to keep breathing
      9. dumb
      10. sleep together
      11. wicked ways
      12. you look so fine
      13. can’t seem to make you mine
    • CD 2
      1. 13x forever
      2. deadwood
      3. get busy with the fizzy
      4. soldier through this
      5. thirteen
      6. lick the pavement
      7. medication (acoustic)
      8. tornado
      9. afterglow

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