INXS Day marks various anniversaries

Physical and digital releases announced

INXS Day’, as it has become known, is 16 August. It’s the day the band played their first gig (some 45 years ago, this year). INXS always like to mark the occasion and last week there was a flurry of activity and announcements around new physical products and streaming activity.

For example, 2022 marks the 40th anniversary of the band’s third studio album, Shabooh Shoobah. While there is no physical deluxe box set, there will be a ‘digital deluxe’ with 15 rarities, including extended mixes, B-sides and live tracks. Before you get too depressed, there is at least one physical release associated with this, albeit a live performance of nine out of the ten tracks on the album from the US Festival in 1983. INXS Recorded Live at the US Festival 1983 is being issued on vinyl and CD in October. For what it’s worth, only four of the nine tracks from this physical release form part of the digital deluxe.

INXS Recorded Live at the US Festival 1983 is released on CD and vinyl in October

The other quite big INXS news is that the 2011 compilation The Very Best has been newly mixed in Dolby Atmos. The 20-song compilation features hits such as ‘What You Need’, ‘Original Sin’, ‘Baby Don’t Cry’ & ‘Bitter Tears’, recently celebrated 500 weeks in the Australian Top 100 ARIA charts and has been awarded Diamond status. The Atmos Mix was created by Giles Martin and will be available on streaming services from 26 August.

Before you ask, this INXS compilation was all set to be the fifth in the SDE Surround Series of exclusive Atmos blu-ray products when I was informed a few days before we were due to announce that it wouldn’t be going ahead. I do not know the reason why. I’m sorry we couldn’t bring you what would have been a very exciting physical release.

The Very Best has been remixed in Dolby Atmos by Giles Martin.

There are four songs from 1992’s Welcome to Wherever You Are on The Very Best and because this month is the 30th anniversary of that rather wonderful album (probably my favourite), five videos have been upgraded to HD and will be available to view via the band’s YouTube channel (although they aren’t live at the time of writing). The videos are: ‘Heaven Sent’, ‘Baby Don’t Cry’, ‘Taste It’, ‘Beautiful Girl’ and ‘Not Enough Time’.

The Live Shabooh Shoobah album is released on 28 October 2022. The Atmos Very Best should be up on Friday this week.

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Shabooh Shoobah live at the US Festival 1983 - vinyl LP



Recorded Live at the US Festival 1983 INXS /

      1. Soul Mistake
      2. Here Comes
      3. Jan’s Song
      4. Spy of Love
      5. To Look at You
      6. The One Thing
      7. Old World New World
      8. Black and White
      9. Don’t Change


The Very Best INXS / Dolby Atmos Mix – Streaming Only

      1. Need You Tonight
      2. Mystify
      3. Suicide Blonde
      4. Taste It
      5. Original Sin
      6. Heaven Sent
      7. Disappear
      8. Never Tear Us Apart
      9. The Gift
      10. Devil Inside
      11. Beautiful Girl
      12. By My Side
      13. Kiss the Dirt (Falling Down the Mountain)
      14. Elegantly Wasted
      15. New Sensation
      16. What You Need
      17. Listen Like Thieves
      18. Just Keep Walking
      19. Bitter Tears
      20. Baby Don’t Cry


Shabooh Shoobah INXS / DIGITAL deluxe

      1. The One Thing
      2. To Look at You
      3. Spy of Love
      4. Soul Mistake
      5. Here Comes
      6. Black and White
      7. Golden Playpen
      8. Jan’s Song
      9. Old World New World
      10. Don’t Change
      1. To Look At You (Extended)*
      2. You Never Used To Cry*
      3. The One Thing (Extended) *
      4. The Sax Thing*
      5. Space Shuttle*
      6. Here Comes II*
      7. Phantim Of The Opera*
      8. Long In Tooth*
      9. Black And White (Extended)*
      10. Go West*
      11. Any Day But Sunday*
      12. The Spy of Love (Live from the US Festival)*
      13. Old World New World (Live from the US Festival)*
      14. Here Comes (Live from the US Festival)*
      15. Soul Mistake (Live from the US Festival)*

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