Muse / Origin of Muse box set

Showbiz and Origins of Symmetry remastered • Unreleased demos • B-sides • Early EPs • Live performances • 13-disc box features 9 CDs & 4LPs

Muse will release a massive vinyl/CD box set called Origin of Muse in November. This package will chronicle the band’s earliest days through to their breakthrough album Origin Of Symmetry.

The box set features nine CDs, four coloured vinyl records and offers 113 tracks in total with 40 of those previously unreleased. Rare audio includes early demos, first EPs, B-sides, live performances and more. This content is spread across the nine CDs. The coloured vinyl records (ocean blue, light blue, orange and yellow) feature the two studio albums remastered.

All the vinyl and CD content is housed in a 48-page ‘casebound’ book which is slots into a rigid board outer slipcase with anti-scratch and matte laminated finish with a spot gloss. The vinyl resides in four special pockets in the book (two at the front and two at the back).

The book contains an extensive and in-depth interview with Matt Bellamy, Dominic Howard and Chris Wolstenholme (conducted by Mark Beaumont) where they talk about the beginnings of the band, and the recording and release of their debut album Showbiz through Origin of Symmetry.  The volume also boasts many ‘inserts’ such as setlists, photos, posters and contact sheets which can be pulled out from the book.

Origin of Muse is released on 6 December 2019. Pre-order from the SDE shop via this link or the button below.


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Origin of Muse [VINYL]


CD 1 – NEWTON ABBOT DEMOS (15 previously unreleased first demos by the band including an early version of Plug In Baby)

  1. Cave
  2. Rain
  3. Agitated
  4. Crazy Days
  5. Coma
  6. Connect The Kettle Lead
  7. Balloonatic
  8. Boredom
  9. Sober
  10. Jimmy Kane
  11. Ashamed
  12. Plug In Baby
  13. Earthquake
  14. Good News
  15. Overdue

CD 2 – THE MUSE EPs + SHOWBIZ DEMOS (their debut releases on Dangerous Records and previously unreleased demos for their first album Showbiz)

  1. Overdue
  2. Cave
  3. Coma
  4. Escape
  5. Muscle Museum
  6. Sober
  7. Uno
  8. Unintended
  9. Pink Ego Box
  10. (Muscle Museum) #2
  11. Showbiz (Live, Sawmills Studios, 1998)
  12. Do We Need This (Live, Fortress Studios, 1999)
  13. Sunburn (Live, Fortress Studios, 1999)
  14. Overdue (Live, Fortress Studios, 1999)
  15. Uno (Alternate version, Rak Studios, 1999)

CD 3 – SHOWBIZ (remastered debut album)

  1. Sunburn
  2. Muscle Museum *
  3. Fillip
  4. Falling Down
  5. Cave
  6. Showbiz
  7. Unintended
  8. Uno
  9. Sober
  10. Spiral Static (Bonus track)
  11. Escape
  12. Overdue
  13. Hate This & I’ll Love You


  1. Recess (Unreleased alternate version, Trident Studios, 1999)
  2. Jimmy Kane
  3. Forced In
  4. Agitated
  5. Twin
  6. Host
  7. Do We Need This?
  8. Con-Science
  9. Minimum
  10. Ashamed
  11. Yes Please
  12. Recess
  13. Nishe

CD 5 – SHOWBIZ LIVE (Previously unreleased recording of live shows broadcast on BBC Radio One in 1999/2000)

  1. Uno (Live, The Pyramid Centre, Portsmouth, 1999)
  2. Cave (Live, The Pyramid Centre, Portsmouth, 1999)
  3. Muscle Museum (Live, The Pyramid Centre, Portsmouth, 1999)
  4. Falling Down (Live, The Pyramid Centre, Portsmouth, 1999)
  5. Fillip (Live, The Pyramid Centre, Portsmouth, 1999)
  6. Do We Need This (Live, The Pyramid Centre, Portsmouth, 1999)
  7. Agitated (Live, The Astoria, London, 2000)
  8. Sunburn (Live, The Astoria, London, 2000)
  9. Plug In Baby (Live, The Astoria, London, 2000)
  10. Showbiz (Live, The Astoria, London, 2000)
  11. Cave (Acoustic live demo, Airfield Studios, 1999)
  12. Muscle Museum (Acoustic live demo, Airfield Studios, 1999) 

CD 6 – ORIGIN OF SYMMETRY INSTRUMENTAL DEMOS (Previously unreleased. Recorded at the community centre in Teignmouth)

  1. Micro Cuts
  2. Feeling Good
  3. Space Dementia
  4. Hyper Music
  5. Citizen Erased
  6. Megalomania
  7. Screenager
  8. Shrinking Universe
  9. Shine

CD 7 – ORIGIN OF SYMMETRY (remastered)

  1. New Born
  2. Bliss
  3. Space Dementia
  4. Hyper Music
  5. Plug In Baby
  6. Citizen Erased
  7. Micro Cuts
  8. Screenager
  9. Darkshines
  10. Feeling Good
  11. Futurism (Bonus track)
  12. Megalomania

CD 8 – ORIGIN OF SYMMETRY B-SIDES (every B-side recorded for singles released from the album)

  1. Nature 1
  2. Execution Commentary
  3. Bedroom Acoustics
  4. Shrinking Universe
  5. Piano Thing
  6. Map Of Your Head
  7. The Gallery
  8. Hyper Chondriac Music
  9. Shine
  10. Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want
  11. Dead Star
  12. In Your World
  13. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

CD 9 – ORIGIN OF SYMMETRY, LIVE AT READING FESTIVAL (full live version of the band’s headline performance of the entire album recorded at Reading Festival 2011 on the 10th anniversary of its release)

  1. New Born
  2. Bliss
  3. Space Dementia
  4. Hyper Music
  5. Plug In Baby
  6. Citizen Erased
  7. Micro Cuts
  8. Screenager
  9. Darkshines
  10. Feeling Good
  11. Megalomania

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