Phil Collins / No Jacket Required and Testify deluxe editions.

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Another month, another set of Phil Collins‘ reissues, as his ‘Take A Look At Me Now’ retrospective campaign enters its third stage with deluxe editions of 1985’s No Jacket Required and 2002’s Testify coming in April.

These are consistent with what has come before, being ‘entirely curated and compiled’ by Collins himself. That means plenty of live tracks and a few demos. Actually the Testify bonus CD does round up quite a few B-sides. But given how many singles and remixes were issued from No Jacket Required, it’s bordering on perverse to not include ANY of the extended remixes at all. Even worse, We Said Hello Goodbye which was a bonus track on all CD versions of No Jacket required is missing! If you want a remastered version of that track, you’ll have to hunt down the Audio Fidelity CD reissue from 2011.

No Jacket Required has another updated cover image with Collins as he looks today recreating the pose of yesteryear.

There will also be vinyl reissues which don’t come with the bonus tracks, although Testify is a 2LP set to fit everything on. These are all released on 15 April 2016.

Update 3 March 2016: Warners have confirmed with this blog that there was an error on their press release and that We Said Hello Goodbye WILL be included in the reissue.



No Jacket Required 2CD Deluxe


No Jacket Required vinyl LP remaster


Testify 2CD Deluxe



Testify vinyl 2LP remaster



Track Listing
Original Album Remastered
1. “Sussudio”
2. “Only You Know And I Know”
3. “Long Long Way To Go”
4. “I Don’t Wanna Know”
5. “One More Night”
6. “Don’t Lose My Number”
7. “Who Said I Would”
8. “Doesn’t Anybody Stay Together Anymore”
9. “Inside Out”
10. “Take Me Home”
11. “We Said Hello Goodbye”

Bonus Tracks – CD & Digital Formats Only
1. “Sussudio” – Live*
2. “Don’t Lose My Number” – Live*
3. “Who Said I Would” – Live*
4. “Long Long Way To Go” – Live*
5. “Only You Know And I Know” – Live*
6. “Easy Lover” – Live*
7. “Inside Out” – Live*
8. “Doesn’t Anybody Stay Together Anymore” – Live*
9. “One More Night” – Live*
10. “Take Me Home” – Live*
11. “Only You Know And I Know” – Demo
12. “One More Night” – Demo
13. “Take Me Home” – Demo

Track Listing
Original Album Remastered Bonus Tracks – CD & Digital Formats Only
1. “Wake Up Call”
2. “Come With Me”
3. “Testify”
4. “Don’t Get Me Started”
5. “Swing Low”
6. “It’s Not Too Late”
7. “This Love This Heart”
8. “Driving Me Crazy”
9. “The Least You Can Do”
10. “Can’t Stop Loving You”
11. “Thru My Eyes”
12. “You Touch My Heart”

1. “High Flying Angel” – B-side
2. “Crystal Clear” – B-side
3. “Hey Now Sunshine” – B-side
4. “TV Story” – B-side
5. “True Colors” – Live Rehearsal*
6. “Come With Me” -Live*
7. “It’s Not Too Late” – Live*
8. “Can’t Stop Loving You” – Live*
9. “It’s Only Loving” – Demo
10. “Tearing And Breaking” – Demo
*Previously unreleased on CD

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