PLEDGERDOME: ZTT offer Frankie box via PledgeMusic platform


The rumoured Frankie Goes To Hollywood Welcome to the Pleasuredome box set has surfaced as an offering on PledgeMusic.com (the direct-to-fan music platform) and will feature a host of previously unreleased material across a number of formats.

The PledgeMusic model allows the rights holder of the music to hedge their bets by dipping their elbow in the bathwater of consumer demand to see if enough people want the product to make it economically viable to produce. Fans ‘pledge’ (i.e. commit) to purchase, and once a target number has been reached, production is confirmed.

Assuming it happens, Inside The Pleasuredome will be a deluxe twelve-inch box set that contains ten bespoke elements.

“Suck it up”: Relax tape

The content will include printed materials (including a flipbook animation of Lo Cole’s classic artwork, and a 48-page hardcover book exploring the art of Frankie Goes To Hollywood), a DVD compiling the Pleasuredome videos with 5.1 mixes, a remastered double LP of Welcome to the Pleasuredome, three further vinyl EPs (all featuring unreleased music), a 13-track cassette tape of Relax (with five unreleased versions) and a digital EP of instrumentals.

The box also comes with a digital download of all music within, which is handy given that not many people will be able to play that cassette. Curiously there are no CDs at all within this set and it is not clear at this point whether the 5.1 mixes on the DVD are simply video soundtracks, or separate audio-only surround sound mixes.

10″ vinyl with unreleased remixes

Some elements remain unique to the box set while others are available to be pledged for separately. Unfortunately for those in the US, Canada and Japan this set is not available for you to pledge on due to licensing restrictions.

Less than 24 hours since the project was launched and 30% of the goal has been reached, which looks fairly promising. The box is priced at £85 which includes shipping.

What are your thoughts on this box set? Too much vinyl? Lack of CDs an issue? Leave a comment and let us know!

For more box details and to pledge for “Inside The Pleasuredome” visit PledgeMusic.

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