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2CD+ blu-ray, 2CD  and 2LP vinyl

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Up / R.E.M. 2CD+blu-ray

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R.E.M.’s eleventh studio album, Up, is being reissued for its 25th anniversary.

The 1998 album features the singles ‘Daysleeper’, ‘Lotus’, ‘Suspicion’ and ‘At My Most Beautiful’ and was the band’s first album without drummer Bill Berry.

The deluxe edition comes in 2CD and 2CD+blu-ray variants both with a previously unreleased, 11-song live set from the band’s ’99 taping for the TV series ‘Party of Five’. The blu-ray with the 3-disc edition is disappointing – it isn’t much different from the DVD-A issued 18 years ago. It includes the same 5.1 mix, a hi-res stereo mix and a few videos. There’s no new Atmos Mix, for example.

Both deluxe editions present the front cover with a new colour scheme. The 2CD comes in a clamshell box with mini-poster, while the 2CD+blu-ray looks like ‘mediabook’ style packaging.

A 2LP edition reverts to the standard blue/green/grey shades and offers the 14-track album across four sides of vinyl. Audio is remastered for all formats.

Up will be reissued on 8 December 2023 (was 10 November) via Craft Recordings.


Up R.E.M. / 25th anniversary

    • CD 1: Up
      1. Airportman
      2. Lotus
      3. Suspicion
      4. Hope
      5. At My Most Beautiful
      6. The Apologist
      7. Sad Professor
      8. You’re In The Air
      9. Walk Unafraid
      10. Why Not Smile
      11. Daysleeper
      12. Diminished
      13. Parakeet
      14. Falls To Climb
    • CD 2: Party of Five Recording
      1. Introduction
      2. What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?
      3. Lotus
      4. Daysleeper
      5. Country Feedback
      6. Walk Unafraid
      7. Losing My Religion
      8. Parakeet
      9. The Apologist
      10. It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
      11. I’m Not Over You
      12. Man On The Moon
    • Blu-ray
      1. Up – 5.1 Surround Sound
      2. Up – Hi-Resolution Audio
      3. This Way Up (press kit)
      4. Uptake (performance)
      5. Daysleeper (music video)
      6. Lotus (music video)
      7. At My Most Beautiful (music video)

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