Soft Cell / New 2CD deluxe edition of ‘Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret’

2CD casebound book

Last year, when Soft Cell reissued their classic 1981 album Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret, there were a number of editions, including a 6CD super deluxe edition, an SDE exclusive blu-ray and various vinyl versions. A 2CD softpack/digisleeve version appeared briefly but was withdrawn (rarity, ahoy!), but now a higher quality presentation (hardcover casebound book edition) is due to be officially released, tomorrow.

The band are not pointing fingers, but are calling this edition “the only one approved by Soft Cell” and make clear that the deluxe packaging is “identical to 2021’s *Happiness not included and 2020’s Cruelty Without Beauty reissues”. They also stress that all the upcoming re-issues will also be released in this format to make “a complete set”, which they hint “we might even put in a box one day”.

Not confirmed by SDE, but there’s a suggestion that a few tracks on the 2CD set aren’t quite the same as the equivalent tracks in the box set (thanks to SDE reader ‘bertielego’ for pointing this out).

  • ‘Say Hello, Wave Goodbye’ (Instrumental) original 7″ B-side is 5:15 [3:54 new instrumental version on the box set]
  • ‘Seedy Films’ (2023 Extended Version) full length version 7:02 [5:16 unnamed edit on the box set]
  • ‘Sex Dwarf’ (2023 Extended Version) full length version 7:36 [5:45 unnamed edit on the box set]

This 2CD deluxe edition contains a 24-page book with an essay by music journalist, Adrian Thrills. It’s released on 28 June 2024.

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Soft Cell

Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret - 2CD casebound book deluxe



Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret Soft Cell /

    • CD 1
      1. Frustration 04:12
      2. Tainted Love 02:35
      3. Seedy Films 05:05
      4. Youth 03:21
      5. Sex Dwarf 05:47
      6. Entertain Me 03:00
      7. Chips On My Shoulder 04:06
      8. Bedsitter 03:36
      9. Secret Life 03:37
      10. Say Hello, Wave Goodbye 05:34
      11. Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go (Original 12″ Version)
      12. Memorabilia
      13. A Man Could Get Lost
      14. Persuasion (Edit)
      15. Where Did Our Love Go?
      16. Facility Girls
      17. Say Hello, Wave Goodbye (Instrumental)
      18. Fun City (Edit)
      19. Tainted Love (Aborted 1981 Studio Take)
    • CD 2
      1. Frustration (Extended Version) 06:02
      2. Tainted Love (2021 10″ Extended Version) 05:05
      3. Seedy Films (2023 Extended Version) 05:16
      4. Youth (2018 ‘Wasted On The Young’ Extended Version) 05:41
      5. Sex Dwarf (2023 Extended Version) 05:45
      6. Entertain Me (2023 Extended Version) 06:05
      7. Chips On My Shoulder (2018 Extended Version) 06:16
      8. Bedsitter (1981 Original 12” Mix) 07:52
      9. Secret Life (2018 Extended Version) 05:20
      10. Say Hello, Wave Goodbye (2018 Dave Ball ‘Lateral Mix’) 07:07
      11. A Man Could Get Lost (2023 Extended Version) 05:08 *
      12. Memorabilia (Original 12″ Version)
      13. A Man Could Get Lost (2023 Extended Version)

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