Sweet / Are You Ready? The RCA Era / seven-LP vinyl box set

Are You Ready – The RCA Era is a new seven-LP vinyl box set that collects the RCA studio albums of British Glam Rock band Sweet along with bonus tracks and an unreleased live album.

All the albums within are pressed on 180g vinyl and come in ‘completely restored’ artwork. The five studio long-players within are Funny How Sweet Co-Co Can Be (1971), Sweet Fanny Adams (1974), Desolation Boulevard (1974) Give Us A Wink (1976), and Off The Record (1977). All of them offer at least one or two bonus tracks per side (non-album A-sides and B-sides) with the exception of Give Us A Wink which is consistent with the original UK track listing.

The unreleased bonus album is a double: The Rainbow – Live in the UK 1973, a concert that features the best of the band’s output up to that point, culminating in the double-header of Ballroom Blitz and Blockbuster.

Are You Ready? The RCA Era also comes with a full-sized poster and is released on 14 April 2017. The £75 price tag (at the time of writing) seems decent enough.

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Funny How Sweet Co-Co Can Be (1971)

Side 1
1. Co-Co
2. Chop Chop
3. Reflections
4. Honeysuckle Love
5. Santa Monica Sunshine
6. Daydream
7. Alexander Graham Bell*
8. Poppa Joe*

Side 2
1. Funny Funny
2. Tom Tom Turnaround
3. Jeanie
4. Sunny Sleeps Late
5. Spotlight
6. Done Me Wrong All Right
7. Little Willy*
8. Wig Wam Bam*

*bonus tracks

Sweet Fanny Adams (1974)

Side 3
1. Set Me Free
2. Heartbreak Today
3. No You Don’t
4. Rebel Rouser
5. Peppermint Twist
6. Teenage Rampage*

Side 4
1. Sweet F.A.
2. Restless
3. Into the Night
4. AC-DC
5. Own Up, Take A Look At Yourself*

*bonus tracks

Desolation Boulevard (1974)

Side 5
1. The Six Teens
2. Solid Gold Brass
3. Turn It Down
4. Medussa
5. Lady Starlight
6. Someone Else Will*
7. Miss Demeanor*

Side 6
1. Man With The Golden Arm
2. Fox on the Run
3. Breakdown
4. My Generation
5. I Wanna Be Comitted*
6. Burn on the Flame*

*bonus tracks

Give Us A Wink (1976)

Side 7
1. The Lies in Your Eyes
2. Cockroach
3. Keep It In
4. 4th of July

Side 8
1. Action
2. Yesterday’s Rain
3. White Mice
4. Healer

Off The Record (1977)

Side 9
1. Fever of Love
2. Lost Angels
3. Midnight To Daylight
4. Windy City
5. A Distinct Lack Of Ancient*

Side 10
1. Live For Today
2. She Gimme Lovin’
3. Laura Lee
4. Hard Times
5. Funk It Up
6. Why Don’t You Do It To Me*
7. Stairway to the Stars*

*bonus tracks

The Rainbow – Live in the UK 1973

Side 11
1. The Stripper (Intro)
2. Hell Raiser
3. Burning/Someone Else Will
4. Rock’n Roll Disgrace
5. Wig Wam Bam

Side 12
1. Need A Lot Of Loving
2. Done Me Wrong All Right
3. You’re Not Wrong for Loving Me

Side 13
1. The Man with the Golden Arm
2. Little Willy
3. Teenage Rampage

Side 14
1. Rock’n Roll Medley
2. Ballroom Blitz
3. Blockbuster

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