Alice Cooper / Billion Dollar Babies: Trillion Dollar Deluxe Edition

50th anniversary 3LP and 2CD sets

Snakes alive! Alice Cooper’s 1973 album, Billion Dollar Babies, is being reissued this March on CD and vinyl.

The macabre hard rock and glam long-player – the band’s sixth – hit number one in the album charts on both sides of the Atlantic, when it was released in March 1973. The new edition is part of the extended 50th anniversary celebrations for the album, which was a platinum seller.

In the sleeve notes for the reissued version, Cooper recalls writing the songs ‘I Love The Dead and ‘Sick Things,’ which feature on the album. He says: “We were writing those songs looking at each other, and every time we’d write a line I’d say, ‘Oh, this is gonna kill them. Oh, they’re gonna hate us on this one.’ But at the same time, it was almost like an Edgar Allan Poe short story when you listen to ‘I Love The Dead.’ I tried to write that the way Vincent Price would sing it.”

Billion Dollar Babies includes the hit singles, ‘No More Mr. Nice Guy’, ‘Elected’ and ‘Hello Hooray.’ This year’s reissue, which is called the Trillion Dollar Deluxe Edition, will be available as a 3LP gatefold or 2CD deluxe edition.

The 2CD reissue of Billion Dollar Babies (click image to enlarge)

Both versions feature a newly remastered version of the original album, as well as bonus material, including studio outtakes – ‘Coal Black Model T’, ‘Son of Billion Dollar Babies’ (‘Generation Landslide’) – single mixes (‘Hello Hooray’, ‘Billion Dollar Babies’, ‘Elected’ and ‘Mary Ann’), ‘Slick Black Limousine’, which originally came out on flexi disc with an issue of the NME, and a live show recorded in Texas in April 1973. The concert includes versions of some of the band’s hits, such as ‘I’m Eighteen’ and ‘School’s Out.’

The 3LP vinyl and 2CD sets share the same tracklisting and the majority of the bonus tracks were previously available on the 2001 double CD deluxe edition of Billion Dollar Babies.

For this year’s vinyl edition, the gatefold cover replicates the original record’s textured snakeskin wallet design and comes with a $1billion dollar bill tucked inside – don’t spend it all at once… Both the LP and versions include oral history sleeve notes of the group and the bonus tracks, with contributions from surviving band members Alice Cooper, Dennis Dunaway, Michael Bruce and Neal Smith, as well as the album’s producer, Bob Ezrin. Guitarist Glen Buxton died in 1997.

Billion Dollar Babies – the Trillion Dollar Deluxe Edition is available on 8 March via Rhino.

The 3LP edition of Billion Dollar Babies (click image to enlarge)


Billion Dollar Babies – Trillion Dollar Deluxe Edition Alice Cooper /

    • CD 1
      1. Hello Hooray
      2. Raped And Freezin’
      3. Elected
      4. Billion Dollar Babies
      5. Unfinished Sweet
      6. No More Mr. Nice Guy
      7. Generation Landslide
      8. Sick Things
      9. Mary Ann
      10. I Love The Dead
    • CD 2
      1. Hello Hooray – Live, 1973
      2. Billion Dollar Babies – Live, 1973
      3. Elected  – Live, 1973
      4. I’m Eighteen – Live, 1973
      5. Raped And Freezin’ –  Live 1973
      6. No More Mr. Nice Guy – Live, 1973
      7. My Stars – Live, 1973
      8. Unfinished Sweet – Live, 1973
      9. Sick Things – Live, 1973
      10. Dead Babies – Live, 1973
      11. I Love The Dead – Live, 1973
      12. School’s Out – Live, 1973
      13. Under My Wheels – Live, 1973
      14. Coal Black Model T – Outtake
      15. Son Of Billion Dollar Babies (Generation Landslide) – Outtake
      16. Hello Hooray – Single Version
      17. Billion Dollar Babies -Single Version
      18. Elected – Single Version
      19. Mary Ann – Single Version
      20. Slick Black Limousine

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