The Beach Boys / Fifty Big Ones + Greatest Hits and album reissues

The Beach Boys / 50th Anniversary Greatest Hits and reissues

The Beach Boys continue their 50th anniversary celebrations with a number of significant releases over the next few months.

On 24 September (9 October in the US) Capitol/EMI will issue two new hits collections. The first will be a single disc release, appropriately titled ‘Greatest Hits’ and will take in 20 of their most popular tracks, including recent single That’s Why God Made The Radio. An alternative, broader selection will be offered on a two-CD box – Greatest Hits: Fifty Big Ones. The packaging for this release will be similar to the Smile Sessions 2CD set, with a lift-off lid box and expanded booklet and postcards within.

In addition to these two collections, 12 Beach Boys studio albums have been digitally remastered (by Mark Linett) and will be reissued on CD, most with mono and stereo mixes. The albums are: Surfin’ U.S.A.; Surfer Girl; Little Deuce Coupe; Shut Down, Volume 2; All Summer Long; The Beach Boys Today!; Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!); Beach Boys Party!; Pet Sounds; Smiley Smile; Sunflower (stereo mix only); and Surf’s Up (stereo mix only).

These releases mark the stereo debut of Smiley Smile and Beach Boys Party!, while The Beach Boys Today! and Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!) are being released in stereo for the first time in their entirety. This means that the new releases include the first-ever stereo mixes of several key Beach Boys classics, including Good Vibrations, Help Me, Rhonda, I Get Around, and 409.

If all that leaves you wanting more, then a career-spanning box set called Made In California will be released in October, although details of this box have yet to be released.

The Beach Boys / 50 Big Ones / Greatest Hits

The Beach Boys / 50 Big Ones / Greatest Hits

The Beach Boys: Fifty Big Ones Greatest Hits

Disc 1

  • 1. California Girls[Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!)]
  • 2. Do It Again[20/20]
  • 3. Surfin’ Safari[Surfin’ Safari]
  • 4. Catch a Wave[Surfer Girl]
  • 5. Little Honda[All Summer Long]
  • 6. Surfin’ U[Surfin’ USA]
  • 7. Surfer Girl[Surfer Girl]
  • 8. Don’t Worry Baby[Shut Down, Vol. 2]
  • 9. Little Deuce Coupe[Surfer Girl]
  • 10. Shut Down[Surfin’ USA]
  • 11. I Get Around[All Summer Long]
  • 12. The Warmth of the Sun[Shut Down, Vol. 2]
  • 13. Please Let Me Wonder[The Beach Boys Today!]
  • 14. Wendy[All Summer Long]
  • 15. Getcha Back[The Beach Boys]
  • 16. The Little Girl I Once Knew[non-LP single, 1965]
  • 17. When I Grow Up (To Be a Man)[The Beach Boys Today!]
  • 18. It’s OK [15 Big Ones]
  • 19. Dance, Dance, Dance[The Beach Boys Today!]
  • 20. Do You Wanna Dance[The Beach Boys Today!]
  • 21. Rock And Roll Music[15 Big Ones]
  • 22. Barbara Ann [Beach Boys Party!]
  • 23. All Summer Long[All Summer Long]
  • 24. Help Me, Rhonda[Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!)]
  • 25. Fun, Fun, Fun[Shut Down, Vol. 2]

Disc 2

  • 1. Kokomo[‘Cocktail’ Motion Picture Soundtrack]
  • 2. You’re So Good To Me[Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!)]
  • 3. Wild Honey[Wild Honey]
  • 4. Darlin'[Wild Honey]
  • 5. In My Room[Surfer Girl]
  • 6. All This Is That[Carl and the Passions “So Tough”]
  • 7. This Whole World[Sunflower]
  • 8. Add Some Music To Your Day[Sunflower]
  • 9. Cotton Fields[non-LP single, 1970]
  • 10. I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times [Pet Sounds]
  • 11. Sail on, Sailor[Holland]
  • 12. Surf’s Up[Surf’s Up]
  • 13. Friends[Friends]
  • 14. Heroes and Villains[Smiley Smile]
  • 15. I Can Hear Music[20/20]
  • 16. Good Timin'[L.A. (Light Album)]
  • 17. California Saga (On My Way to Sunny Californ-I-A)[Holland]
  • 18. Isn’t It Time (single version) [That’s Why God Made The Radio]
  • 19. Kiss Me, Baby[The Beach Boys Today!]
  • 20. That’s Why God Made The Radio[That’s Why God Made The Radio]
  • 21. Forever[Sunflower]
  • 22. God Only Knows[Pet Sounds]
  • 23. Sloop John B[Pet Sounds]
  • 24. Wouldn’t It Be Nice[Pet Sounds]
  • 25. Good Vibrations[Smiley Smile]
The Beach Boys / Greatest Hits

The Beach Boys: Greatest Hits

  • 1. That’s Why God Made The Radio
  • 2. California Girls
  • 3. Sloop John B
  • 4. Wouldn’t It Be Nice
  • 5. Surfer Girl
  • 6. Do It Again
  • 7. Surfin’ Safari
  • 8. Surfin’ U.S.A.
  • 9. Don’t Worry Baby
  • 10. Little Deuce Coupe
  • 11. I Get Around
  • 12. Fun, Fun, Fun
  • 13. Be True to Your School
  • 14. Dance, Dance, Dance
  • 15. All Summer Long
  • 16. Help Me, Rhonda
  • 17. Rock And Roll Music
  • 18. God Only Knows
  • 19. Good Vibrations
  • 20. Kokomo

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