ZZ Top / Cinco No. 2: The Second Five LPs / 5LP vinyl box set

ZZ Top are set to release a new vinyl box set in June. Cinco No. 2: The Second Five LPs feature five albums recorded between 1979 and 1990, including Eliminator and Afterburner.

This is a follow-up to last year’s The First Five LPs box and audio has been “sourced from the original masters” (no word on whether this is digital or analogue cut) and as you might expect, all five studio albums pressed on heavyweight 180-gram vinyl.

This set ties in not only with the band’s first residency at The Venetian Theatre in Las Vegas (I say ‘residency’ – they are actually only doing five nights) but also an American tour which runs from the late May through to the end of June.

Cinco: The Second Five LPs will be released on 2 June 2018. For once, the UK price is actually the cheapest!

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ZZ Top

Cinco No. 2: The Second Five LPs [VINYL]

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Amazon ca   459.99

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ZZ Top

Cinco: The First Five LPs [VINYL]

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Side One
1.    “Thank You”
2.    “She Loves My Automobile”
3.    “I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide”
4.    “Manic Mechanic”

Side Two
1.    “Dust My Broom”
2.    “Lowdown On The Street”
3.    “Hi Fi Mama”
4.    “Cheap Sunglasses”
5.    “Esther Be The One”

EL LOCO (1981)

Side One

1.    “Tube Snake Boogie”
2.    “I Wanna Drive You Home”
3.    “Ten Foot Pole”
4.    “Leila”
5.    “Don’t Tease Me”

Side Two

1.    “It’s So Hard”
2.    “Pearl Necklace”
3.    “Groovy Little Hippie Pad”
4.    “Heaven, Hell Or Houston”
5.    “Party On The Patio”


Side One

1.    “Gimme All Your Lovin'”
2.    “Got Me Under Pressure”
3.    “Sharp Dressed Man”
4.    “I Need You Tonight”
5.    “I Got The Six”

Side Two

1.    “Legs”
2.    “Thugs”
3.    “TV Dinners”
4.    “Dirty Dog”
5.    “If I Could Flag Her Down”
6.    “Bad Girl”


Side One

1.    “Sleeping Bag”
2.    “Stages”
3.    “Woke Up With Wood”
4.    “Rough Boy”
5.    “Can’t Stop Rockin'”

Side Two

1.    “Planet Of Women”
2.    “I Got The Message”
3.    “Velcro Fly”
4.    “Dipping Low (In The Lap Of Luxury)”
5.    “Delirious”


Side One

1.    “Concrete And Steel”
2.    “Lovething”
3.    “Penthouse Eyes”
4.    “Tell It”
5.    “My Head’s In Mississippi”

Side Two

1.    “Decision Or Collision”
2.    “Give It Up”
3.    “2000 Blues”
4.    “Burger Ma”
5.    “Doubleback”


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