Black Box Recorder / ‘Life Is Unfair’ vinyl box finally makes an appearance

A year on from the release of the CD box set, One Little Indian have finally made available a vinyl edition of Black Box Recorder‘s ‘Life Is Unfair’ career summary.

Black Box Recorder featured The Auteurs‘ frontman Luke Haines, Sarah Nixey and John Moore, formerly of The Jesus and Mary Chain. Haines and Moore wrote the songs and Nixey sang them. The single The Facts of Life reached number 20 in 2000 and remains the biggest hit of any single that Luke Haines has had a hand in writing.

The new vinyl version of Life Is Unfair not only contains vinyl versions of the three studio albums – England Made Me (1998), The Facts Of Life (2000) and Passionoia (2003) but it also comes with the DVD and rarities CD included in the CD box. Additionally, a further CD (‘Live Is Unfair’) offers unreleased live performances). It’s rather bizarre to include this CD in the vinyl box and not have it in the CD box set, but hey, welcome to Black Box Recorder!

The last two albums have never been issued on vinyl, and even England Made Me hasn’t been available as a standard 33RPM one-record package, because Chrysalis put out their debut as a 2LP 45RPM set, long before that was a trendy thing to do.

Judging from the photos (pinched from Sarah Nixey’s twitter feed) the vinyl set comes with the same (rather good) booklet and poster that resides in the CD box.

The Life Is Unfair vinyl box is out now. Read last year’s SDE interview with Sarah Nixey about Black Box Recorder.

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Black Box Recorder

Life is Unfair - vinyl box

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Black Box Recorder

Life is Unfair - 4CD+DVD box set


England Made Me vinyl LP

1. Girl Singing In The Wreckage
2. England Made Me
3. New Baby Boom
4. It’s Only The End Of The World
5. Ideal Home
6. Child Psychology
7. I. C. One Female
8. Up Town Top Ranking
9. Swinging
10. Kidnapping An Heiress
11. Wonderful Life
12 Hated Sunday

The Facts Of Life vinyl LP

1. The Art Of Driving
2. Weekend
3. The English Motorway System
4. May Queen
5. Sex Life
6. French Rock’n’Roll
7. The Facts Of Life
8. Straight Life
9. Gift Horse
10. The Deverell Twins
11. Goodnight Kiss

Passionoia vinyl LP

1. The School Song
2. GSOH Q.E.D.
3. British Racing Green
4. Being Number One
5. The New Diana
6. These Are The Things
7. Andrew Ridgley
8. When Britain Refused To Sing
9. Girls Guide For The Modern Diva
10. I Ran All The Way Home

BBREXIT Rarities Disc

1. Facts Of Life (single version)
2. Start As You Mean To Go On
3. Soul Boy
4. Facts of Life (Chocolate Layers remix)
5. Uptown Top Ranking
5. Brutality
6. Watch Angels Not The Wire
7. Rock N Roll Suicide (BBC session)
8. Art Of Driving (BBC session)
9. Straight Life (BBC session)
10. Goodnight Kiss (BBC session)
11. Land Of Our Fathers
12. 17 and Deadly
13. Passionoia mega mix
14. Lord Lucan
15. Keep It In The Family (unreleased)
16. Do You Believe in God? (unreleased)


1. Live – filmed at the Train Driver in Eyeliner event at The Forum on 27 October 2008:
Wonderful Life
British Racing Green
England Made Me
Girl Singing In The Wreckage
I.C.One Female
Child Psychology
Lord Lucan Is Missing

2. Child Psychology
3. England Made Me
4. Facts of Life
5. Art Of Driving

Live Is Unfair bonus CD

Track listing TBC… but I’m pretty sure that it’s this:

‘Live Is Unfair’ LP – Live At The Astoria:
1. England Made Me
2. The School Song
3. Being Number One
4. These Are The Things
5. The English Motorway System
6. Straight Life
7. Girls Guide For The Modern Diva
8. The New Diana
9. Swinging
10. The Facts Of Life
11. British Racing Green
12. Child Psychology
13. Lord Lucan Is Missing
14. Andrew Ridgley
15. Girl Singing In The Wreckage

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