Lou Reed / Remastered RCA & Arista box being issued as 6LP vinyl set


Many of us are looking forward to the release of the 17CD Lou Reed RCA & Arista Album Collection box set which is due next month, but what wasn’t mentioned when this was announced is that there will also be a vinyl box set edition issued in November…

The RCA & Arista Vinyl Collection, Vol 1 is a six-LP set, which features the newly remastered audio (created under Reed’s supervision, shortly before his death) of the following albums: Transformer (1972); Berlin (1973); Rock ‘n’ Roll Animal (1974); Coney Island Baby (1976); Street Hassle (1978) and The Blue Mask from 1982.

These are apparently 150g pressings and the package comes with a 30-page book. “Vol 1” clearly suggests that another Lou Reed vinyl box may be delivered in the future.

The RCA & Arista Vinyl Collection, Vol 1 will be released on 18 November 2016.

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Lou Reed

The Rca & Arista Vinyl Collection, Vol.1 [VINYL]


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Lou Reed

The arista & RCA albums collection - 17CD




Disc: 1
1. Vicious
2. Andy’s Chest
3. Perfect Day
4. Hangin’ ‘Round
5. Walk On the Wild Side

Disc: 2
1. Make Up
2. Satellite of Love
3. Wagon Wheel
4. New York Telephone Conversation
5. I’m So Free
6. Goodnight Ladies

Disc: 3
1. Berlin
2. Lady Day
3. Men of Good Fortune
4. Caroline Says I
5. How Do You Think It Feels
6. Oh Jim

Disc: 4
1. Caroline Says II
2. The Kids
3. The Bed
4. Sad Song

Disc: 5
1. Intro / Sweet Jane
2. Heroin

Disc: 6
1. White Light / White Heat
2. Lady Day
3. Rock ‘N’ Roll

Disc: 7
1. Crazy Feeling
2. Charley’s Girl
3. She’s My Best Friend
4. Kicks

Disc: 8
1. A Gift
2. Ooohhh Baby
3. Nobody’s Business
4. Coney Island Baby

Disc: 9
1. Gimmie Some Good Times
2. Dirt
3. Street Hassle

Disc: 10
1. I Wanna Be Black
2. Real Good Time Together
3. Shooting Star
4. Leave Me Alone
5. Wait

Disc: 11
1. My House
2. Women
3. Underneath the Bottle
4. The Gun
5. The Blue Mask

Disc: 12
1. Average Guy
2. The Heroine
3. Waves of Fear
4. The Day John Kennedy Died
5. Heavenly Arms


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