Simply Red / Stars vinyl reissue


C’mon Warners, Thrill Me.

Warners will reissue the UK’s best selling album of 1991 and 1992 – Simply Red‘s Stars – on vinyl LP next month.

This 25th anniversary reissue is probably happening just to have some ‘product’ to tie in with the 25 Years of Stars Live tour which is coming to the UK in early November. Normally, vinyl issued in the early to mid-nineties has great rarity value to due to small numbers pressed, but this doesn’t seem to apply to Stars, probably because it sold by the bucketload, and even though the CD and tape were the more popular formats, the vinyl must have been still relatively plentiful.

The original vinyl album is certainly easy enough to pick up for not much money on discogs and the like, which does make you question the commercial sense in reissuing this record on the format, especially since there appears to be no extra incentive for fans, such as bonus tracks, a coloured pressing, or similar.


Unless some other information comes to light that turns this into a ‘must buy’ (seems unlikely) then I’m happy enough with my original vinyl and the 2008 2CD+DVD reissue. It’s still a fantastic record and at least this new vinyl is only £13 and not £20+

The pertinent question is why haven’t fans had a proper Simply Red multi-disc rarities set, similar perhaps to the Paul Young CBS Years package? Remixes, B-sides, rarities, ‘deep cuts’ etc. Don’t know about you, but I’m getting rather fed up of Warners trotting out compilations – there’s been at least seven, in the last 20 years, and only Song Book from 2013 had better-than-average content. Even the last album, Big Love, quickly faded as a single disc release and was superseded by a 2CD ‘Greatest Hits 30th Anniversary’ edition!

Stars 25th anniversary vinyl will be issued on 30 September 2016.


Stars 25th Anniversary vinyl

Side 1
1. Something Got Me Started
2. Stars
3. Thrill Me
4. Your Mirror
5. She’s Got It Bad

Side 2
1. For Your Babies
2. Model
3. How Could I Fall
4. Freedom
5. Wonderland

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