Duran Duran / new single Black Moonlight

Features Nile Rodgers and Andy Taylor

Duran Duran have today made available another song from their forthcoming album Danse Macabre. ‘Black Moonlight’ is one of three brand new songs on the album and features their old mucker Nile Rodgers as well as former band member Andy Taylor. Check it out, below!

Speaking about ‘Black Moonlight’, Nick Rhodes said: “Nile Rogers is a force of nature. When we get into a room, we start playing, and magic happens“. Simon Le Bon concurs, saying the song is a “classic Duran Duran-Nile Rodgers collaboration” adding “When Nile started playing his guitar in the studio, he really inspired everyone with his riff, and the song just kind of wrote itself.” 

Danse Macabre will be released on 27 October 2023 Tape Modern via BMG. An SDE-exclusive blu-ray audio version with Dolby Atmos, 5.1 and hi-res stereo mixes of the album was available to pre-order from the SDE for a short period earlier this month. These are all but sold out, but to mark the release of ‘Black Moonlight’ we’ll make it available again for a short period. Head to the SDE shop to pre-order or use the button (‘pre-order’) below.

TECHNICAL NOTES: This blu-ray audio requires a blu-ray player. Decoding the Dolby Atmos mix requires a Dolby Atmos-certified soundbar or a Dolby Atmos-compatible AV Receiver/Amp. The Dolby Atmos mix will ‘fold down’ to 5.1 or stereo if a Dolby Atmos decoder is not detected.


Danse Macabre Duran Duran / SDE-exclusive blu-ray audio

      1. Nightboat
      2. Black Moonlight *
      3. Love Voudou
      4. Bury A Friend (Billie Eilish cover)
      5. Supernature (Cerrone cover)
      6. Danse Macabre *
      7. Secret Oktober 31st
      8. Ghost Town (Specials cover)
      9. Paint It Black (Rolling Stones cover)
      10. Super Lonely Freak (Duran/Rick James mash-up)
      11. Spellbound (Siouxsie & the Banshees cover)
      12. Psycho Killer (Talking Heads cover)
      13. Confession in the Afterlife *

      *new Duran Duran song

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