Oasis / Definitely Maybe reissue

30th anniversary with unreleased audio

Oasis / Definitely Maybe 30th anniversary reissue

After the ‘Chasing the Sun’ reissue of a decade again, Oasis are back to re-release their debut album Definitely Maybe yet again, for a 30th anniversary bite of the cherry, which – quelle surprise – offers previously unreleased early sessions and unheard outtakes not considered for the previous reissue.

2CD and 4LP editions offer the 2014 remastered version of the album, tracks from the discarded original recording session at Monnow Valley Studios, along with outtakes from the actual album sessions. The latter have been newly mixed for the first time by Noel Gallagher and Callum Marinho. Additionally, there’s a November ’92 demo of ‘Sad Song’ (the vinyl-only bonus track) featuring Liam Gallagher’s vocals.

The story with the original sessions is that after being signed, the band decamped to Monnow Valley studios on the Welsh borders of Monmouthshire, to record their songs. However, at the time, the initial sessions were regarded as “overly technical and polished”, and didn’t capture “the essence of the band”. The sessions were ultimately scrapped, and the band moved to Sawmills Studios in Cornwall to re-record the album.

New artwork for slipcased 2CD and 4LP sets (click to enlarge)

To be fair, these do sound interesting, and in addition there is seven outtakes and that demo of ‘Sad Song’, but you have to look back and ask why, in 2014, fans were asked to pay £110, for what SDE indelicately called the ‘bag of shite‘ box set edition of Definitely Maybe? This was an edition that included the separately available 3CD and 2LP sets and then asked fans to pay an extra £77 for tote bags, badges, key rings etc. It was noted at the time that no extra studio recordings were offered for this pricey super deluxe edition (you’d think twice about spending £110 for a box set today, and we’re talking a decade ago!) and now we know they had all this stuff sitting in the vault…

2014 remaster pressed on ‘strawberries & cream’ marbled pink vinyl

For this 30th anniversary reissue there’s brand new artwork (including a slipcase that removes the band from the original front cover) and new sleeve notes from Creation Records boss Alan McGee and journalist Hamish MacBain. 

In addition to the expanded versions (2CD and 4LP) there’s the remastered album on 2LP vinyl editions in black vinyl, blue and white marble vinyl and pink and white marble vinyl. There’s also a blue cassette.

Definitely Maybe will be reissued, again, on 30 August 2024 on Big Brother Recordings.

4LP vinyl edition of Definitely Maybe (click image to enlarge)


Oasis / Definitely Maybe 30th anniversary reissue

Definitely Maybe Oasis / 30th anniversary reissue

    • CD 1 / LPs 1 & 2
      1. Rock ‘n’ Roll Star (Remastered)
      2. Shakermaker (Remastered)
      3. Live Forever (Remastered)
      4. Up In The Sky (Remastered)
      5. Columbia (Remastered)
      6. Supersonic (Remastered)
      7. Sad Song (Remastered)*
      8. Bring It On Down (Remastered)
      9. Cigarettes & Alcohol (Remastered)
      10. Digsy’s Dinner (Remastered)
      11. Slide Away (Remastered)
      12. Married With Children (Remastered)
      * Vinyl only
    • CD 2 / LPs 3 & 4
      1. Rock ‘n’ Roll Star (Monnow Valley Version)
      2. Shakermaker (Monnow Valley Version)
      3. Live Forever (Monnow Valley Version)
      4. Up In The Sky (Monnow Valley Version)
      5. Columbia (Monnow Valley Version)
      6. Bring It On Down (Monnow Valley Version)
      7. Cigarettes & Alcohol (Monnow Valley Version)
      8. Digsy’s Dinner (Monnow Valley Version)
      9. Rock ‘n’ Roll Star (Sawmills Outtake)
      10. Up In The Sky (Sawmills Outtake)
      11. Columbia (Sawmills Outtake)
      12. Bring It On Down (Sawmills Outtake)
      13. Cigarettes & Alcohol (Sawmills Outtake)
      14. Digsy’s Dinner (Sawmills Outtake)
      15. Slide Away (Sawmills Outtake)
      16. Sad Song (Mauldeth Road West Demo, Nov’ 92)

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