Paul Weller vinyl reissues confirmed

Days of Speed and Illumination

Paul Weller / Days of Speed vinyl reissue

Paul Weller‘s Days of Speed reissue has been officially confirmed and will be issued alongside a vinyl re-release of Paul’s sixth studio album Illumination.

Both album were originally released, in very low numbers, on the Independiente label. The live acoustic Days of Speed is from 2001 and Illumination dates from 2002. The latter was at the time his second solo number one album (after Stanley Road) and features the singles ‘It’s Written in the Stars’ and ‘Leafy Mysteries’ and features guest performances from Carleen Anderson, Jocelyn Brown, Kelly Jones and Noel Gallagher.

Illumination was originally issued in 2002. The bespoke packaging is recreated for the reissue (click image to enlarge).

These 2021 reissues recreate the original packaging. So Days of Speed has a gatefold jacket, printed inner sleeves and a one-page insert. Illumination has a gatefold jacket, printed inner sleeve and a 16-page booklet and most importantly has the rounded corners of the original for both outer and inner sleeves. Both albums were cut at London’s Metropolis Studios. 

Days of Speed and Illumination will be released on 15 October 2021


Paul Weller / Days of Speed vinyl reissue

Days of Speed Paul Weller / 2LP vinyl

    • Side A
      1. Brand New Start
      2. The Loved
      3. Out Of The Sinking
      4. Clues
    • Side B
      1. English Rose
      2. Above The Clouds
      3. You Do Something To Me
      4. Amongst Butterflies
      5. Science
    • Side C
      1. Back In The Fire
      2. Down In The Seine
      3. That’s Entertainment
      4. Love-Less
    • Side D
      1. There’s No Drinking After You’re Dead
      2. Everything Has A Price To Pay
      3. Wild Wood
      4. Headstart For Happiness
      5. Town Called Malice


Illumination Paul Weller / Vinyl reissue

    • Side A
      1. Going Places 
      2. A Bullet For Everyone 
      3. Leafy Mysteries     
      4. It’s Written In The Stars       
      5. Who Brings Joy 
      6. Now The Night Is Here 
    • Side B
      1. Spring (At Last)      
      2. One X One 
      3. Bag Man 
      4. All Good Books      
      5. Call Me Up No. 5   
      6. Standing Out In The Universe            
      7. Illumination 

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