Steven Wilson / The Harmony Codex

New studio album announced

Steven Wilson / New album The Harmony Codex

The Harmony Codex, Steven Wilson’s seventh album, will be released in September.

Described as “a genre-spanning collection that opens up like a musical puzzle box” the 10-track album runs for over 60 minutes and sees Wilson deliver lengthier, and perhaps more musically complex songs than on his previous album, The Future Bites, with four of the numbers clocking in at between seven and 11 minutes. While not technically a concept album (there’s no obvious overriding narrative arc) it has that kind of vibe.

The 2CD+blu-ray hardcover book deluxe edition

The album will be released across the usual formats, the best of which is the 3-disc deluxe edition which returns to the 100-page hardcover book format last seen on 2017’s To The Bone. This 2CD+blu-ray set offers a second CD which offers a a 77-minute “reimagining” of the album, including contributions from the likes of Tears For Fears‘ Roland Orzabal, Manic Street Preachers, Mikael Åkerfeldt (Opeth) and Interpol.

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The blu-ray in the deluxe package offers the expected Dolby Atmos, 5.1 and hi-res stereo but adds instrumentals (in the same three audio streams) which are not included in the standalone blu-ray (both blu-rays also include two videos). The Carl Glover-designed hardback book features Hajo Mueller’s stunning artwork, meticulously created over an 18 month period in close collaboration with Steven during the making of the album.

The album is also available as a 2LP set, with a ‘coke-bottle’ coloured vinyl exclusive to the official shop. CD (in a jewel case) and cassette editions also available. The official store also has a series of special bundles (the previously offered signed prints appear to have sold out).

The Harmony Codex will be released on 29 September 2023, via Virgin/SW Records. You can preview the first single, ‘Economies of Scale’, below.

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Steven Wilson / New album The Harmony Codex

The Harmony Codex Steven Wilson /

    • CD 1
      1. Inclination (7.15)
      2. What Life Brings (3.40)
      3. Economies of Scale (4.17)
      4. Impossible Tightrope (10.42)
      5. Rock Bottom (4.25)
      6. Beautiful Scarecrow (5.21)
      7. The Harmony Codex (9.50)
      8. Time is Running Out (3.57)
      9. Actual Brutal Facts (5.05)
      10. Staircase (9.26)
    • CD 2: Harmonic Distortion
      1. Codex Theme #7
      2. Economies of Scale – Manic Street Preachers remix
      3. Codex Theme #9
      4. Inclination – Faultline remix
      5. Impossible Tightrope – alternate version
      6. Codex Theme #6 4
      7. Beautiful Scarecrow – Meat Beat Manifesto Excursion 1
      8. Codex Theme #8
      9. Time is Running Out – Mikael Åkerfeldt version
      10. Staircase – Interpol Remix
      11. Codex Theme #3
      12. What Life Brings – Aug 22 mix by Roland Orzabal
      13. The Harmony Codex – long take
      14. Staircase – Radiophonic Workshop rem
    • Blu-ray
      1. High Resolution Stereo (96/24)
      2. 5.1 Mix (96/24)
      3. Atmos (48/24)
      4. Stereo Instrumentals (96/24) *
      5. 5.1 Instrumentals (96/24) *
      6. Atmos Instrumentals (48/24) *
      7. ECONOMIES OF SCALE video (Directed by Charlie Di Placido)
      8. THE HARMONY CODEX video (Directed by Crystal Spotlight/Miles Skarin)
      * exclusive to this edition

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